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Volunteers’ hand – Nepal (Vol-Nepal) is non Profitable non governmental, non political Organization registered in Government of Nepal and affiliated with Social Welfare Council (SWC). This society is our own initiation and running by our own contribution believing that a drop of water is the source of ocean, founded by social activist. The mission of vol-Nepal is to encourage volunteers (national and international) to contribute in children’s education and sustainable community development that benefits the needy, underprivileged, poor people and community with own satisfaction.
What we want through volunteering?

By volunteering we want to share new perspectives and ideas that will ultimately change lives and communities. Volunteering in different sectors is meeting with different sectors’ people, which gives chance of interaction and explore the things. We do volunteering in education, medical, Photography, Documentary, trekking and many more fields.

By doing volunteering, we are opening new horizon for poor, needy and underprivileged children. Because our primary aim through volunteering is to educate children with providing chance for foreign volunteers to expose Nepali society. Nepal is poor and suffered by conflict. Due to poverty and conflict children are not getting chance for quality education, which is primary right of children. We believe, by birth all children are equal and can grow with equally capable in his/her inner interest, if they get chance to flourish in like environment and education is the main tool to march them for their destination.

What is our dream?

Our sole dream is to give quality education for haves not children through haves children. We are dreaming to establish our own school and our own children's home. In school our children and outsider children also study and income from outsider children will help to run school and earning from outsider children will also help our children to get higher education as they continue. In children's home helpless and very poor children sit for education.

We are waiting to meet planners who will support for children to take education in their own school. But now, we will give till high school level education for children and some vocational technical (like computer, auto mechanical, sewing, etc) training which makes them able to earn for their life.

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