Volunteering in Kenya (VIK)

Volunteering in Kenya is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that was started in the year 2002.

The main aim was to help volunteers from all over the world maximize the potential and provide knowledge, skills and any other help to the needy in the society and encourage responsible travel and voluntourism in Kenya. Within these period we have placed over 500 volunteers from all over the world. We work to make sure that your travel is memorable



Children’s Program

This program involves generally working with kids/children directly or with organizations that work with children i.e. children’s homes and/or orphanages. The volunteer instills values, life skills and virtues. He or she involves the kids in games, art and craft and other extra curricular activities. Teaching English and Mathematics helps the children academically.

Teaching program

Kenya has an 8-4-4 Education system. 8 years in primary school, 4 years in secondary school and the remaining four in Tertiary education. There are 7 National Universities and a number of private universities and polytechnics. Our organization helps get you teaching opportunities as an INTERN or as a volunteer in Primary and secondary schools, both public and private Universities. The core subjects are English, Mathematics, and Social Studies in Primary and Secondary schools. For this program, if you’re looking for internship you ought to have Educational qualifications to be able to teach in the University level.

Medically Handicapped program

This includes mental Hospital/Institutions and homes for the mentally handicapped. It entails visits, physiotherapy: helping them feed themselves and do other basics. This particular program requires volunteers who posses patience and kindness because of its sensitivity.

HIV/AIDS program

Involves working directly with people infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS or through the various organizations that deal with it through their programs. It involves educating and creating awareness of the disease. Knowledge in HIV/AIDS and Basic Health is required for this program.

Community program

Entails participating in community based that are already on ground e.g. bead making, tailoring, water projects, building traditional homesteads… this program is a lot of fun and you get to learn the different cultural activities and there is a lot of getting dirty involved so you should be up for the task. A volunteer can help in fundraising or getting involved in whatever capacity. One can also get involved in non profit organizations that help people from a certain community, for example, Mwelu Foundation that teaches children from Mathare Slums Photography.

Health Program

Kenya has a number of congested health facilities which are in need of manpower. For those with qualifications in the medical world, we organize internships for them in areas such as maternal health, minor surgery, lab and eye clinics. Those that are not qualified in the medical field can volunteer in their own capacity in the public and private hospitals (both rural and urban) .


* Must be 18years and above unless accompanied by parents/guardians.
* Medical qualification is needed for the Health Program
* Good attitude and flexible person: passionate about volunteering and understanding what it is all about.
* English speaking, since its one of the national languages

Must be medically fit.

Sports program

ViK offers volunteering opportunities in areas of sports. This entails getting involved in whichever capacity in local/rural football clubs. You can donate football attires from shoes to jerseys. This football clubs are set up to keep the children (young adults) occupied to prevent them from engaging in crime, idleness and other activities that are not constructive. Professional coaches can also enroll in this program to give back to the community.

Internship Program

Go beyond cultural immersions by interning in the following fields:

1. Education (High School, Universities and Colleges, Primary School and Pre-School)
2. Health and Wellness (Public and Private Hospitals)
3. Sports (Coaches and/or Trainers), and
4. NGO’s

Experience exciting excursions during the weekends or as you extend your trip.

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