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Children's Welfare Home in 1995 to respect and ensure the rights of abandoned, marginalized, destitute and needy children in Nepal.

By providing these children with necessities like education, food, shelter, health facilities, in a nurturing community environment: orphans who face the probability of dying in street slums gain the chance to grow into independent and responsible citizens.

The home which is situated at Lalitpur, satdobato, Nepal has been registered with the government of Nepal as a non-profitable, and non-government organization which has no political affiliations. Initially we sheltered a few but now we care for 70 children, As the government has not provided this vital orphanage with funding: the home has struggled for economic security since its birth but has fortunately been fed by the generosity of independent individuals and groups. Now the civil war is creating a further need for the home as hundreds of children have been victimized, displaced and orphaned by the ongoing conflict.

At present, there are altogether 100 children living in our Home. Most of the children are aged between 6-20, while there are very small children (aged 2 months-4 years) accommodated in another building with more improved facilities. After being received in the CWH, a child is enrolled in nursery or secondary school (depending on his/her age), provided shelter and regular food. We have only the means to provide them access to education in government schools, but when a particular child receives sponsorship we immediately transfer him ? based on his merits in study ? to a suitable private institution. However, a few of the older children have not been transferred to a private school / despite having a sponsor / because of their older age.

Coming across your website has given us further hope. We plead for your cooperation to rescue our children from their tragic fate and give them life. As you do share our mission, we hope that you would take the vulnerable situation into account and generously help us out by providing financial assistance, or by including our home in your project, or by providing any logistic support. You can also assist us by contacting other organizations that share a similar mission either by sending their details to us or by forwarding on our information. The possibility of adopting a child also exists. Recently, an Italian couple adopted a 4-month-old child from the home and are now providing him with love and care. Whilst giving a child a future he may not have had, this process also means that the home can cater for another child. Any form of help will alter a child?s world and will be highly appreciated.

Children at CWH for adoption:

The children for adoption at the CWH are between the age of new-born baby to 10 years. They have either been brought to us by the police office, after finding them in the street, or recommended for our care by Village Development Committees. We take the abandoned babies for a medical check-up, after which, if they are at the right age for that, they receive the necessary vaccinations. In the CWH, they are cared by our dedicated care-mothers. In the past three years, we have worked with families from the United States, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and Italy. We intend to continue with the adoptions with prospective parents from these and other developed countries, with the purpose of ensuring a better life for small orphans from Nepal.

Volunteers at the CWH:

Over the years we have had a number of volunteers working with us and our children. On our part, we can say that working with volunteers has proved to be a culturally and spiritually rewarding experience for us. They have helped us in many ways, by teaching our children English, talking about their culture, teaching our children new games, or helping the management with administration and planning for the CWH. There have been some cases, when our volunteer helped finding the best doctor for our ill children or bought medicines not affordable by our Home. But, we have said our part. Let us share some volunteer views.

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