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Volunteer Visions was founded with a simple idea in mind, volunteering should be affordable and available to everyone.

Volunteer Visions offers project placements throughout the world to individuals who seek adventure, cultural immersion and have the desire to make a difference. Our projects are aimed at identifying areas in need and using direct voluntary action to create self-sustainable communities.

Volunteer Visions is based upon the idea that through your visions, you can reach out to low-resourced communities and create tangible results. By donating your time and energy and working with communities at a grass roots level you can create immediate and lasting impacts on both individuals and communities.

Volunteer Visions is committed to providing the most affordable volunteer abroad opportunities in the world.

We can afford to operate at such low costs for the following reasons:

* 1. We work directly with local non-profits and NGOs.

An NGO is a non-governmental organization. Although there are thousands of such organizations around the world, Volunteer Visions is very selective about who we work with. By volunteering with us you can be sure that the organization is dedicated, hard working and believes that a better world is possible.

Local NGOs are in the best place to judge the needs of the community and create programs to actively combat everything from poverty to sea turtle poaching. The local coordinators will provide insightful commentary into the history and background of your project and the surrounding area.
* 2. Our Main Office is Located in Costa Rica

Many volunteer placement companies work from the United States, United Kingdom or New Zealand. The cost of living in those countries is anywhere from three to ten times more expensive than in Costa Rica. The companies that are located in these countries need to pay their employees a living wage, which dramatically increases their operation costs.

By living and working in a developing nation, Volunteer Visions does more than minimize your volunteering costs. We do not remove ourselves from our purpose as a volunteer placement organization and are actively working within the local community. Visit our project page, select a project and make a difference.

Volunteer Visions is not a US registered 501( c)(3) Non-Profit. This does not mean that we are a profit-focused company. Volunteer Visions connects volunteers to where they are needed throughout the world, working with local programs, NGO's and institutions. We work in conjunction with organizations and institutions that are accredited members of recognized groups such as UNESCO, CCVIS and WANGO. We hold the same goals and mission of creating a better world and collaborate to make change possible.

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