Volunteer Maldives

Volunteer Maldives

Volunteer Maldives has a variety of projects and development programs to benefit local island communities, and inspire individuals.

The small island nation of the Maldives is renowned for its powdery white beaches, crystal blue lagoons and five star tourist resorts. This life of abundance and luxury however, does not reflect the lives of normal hardworking Maldivians..

If you are seeking a unique volunteering experience look no further than Volunteer Maldives, where we have a variety of projects and development programs to benefit local island communities and inspire individuals!We work closely with the small island communities, NGO’s and government schools to ensure your skills are channeled to where they are most needed, and where your help will most benefit the warm and friendly Maldivian people.

Your participation can make a marked and substantial difference to Maldivians, and in turn you will be able to put your own lives into a broader context, and have fun while you do it!

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