Volunteer for the Visayans

Founded in 2004, VFV is dedicated to sustainable development projects in the areas of child welfare, community development, education, and public health, through our volunteer, sponsorship, and community programs. 

We offer a range of volunteer placements across a variety of fields and interest areas, so we can cater to nearly any international volunteer's hopes and dreams of volunteering abroad! From rural health clinics to orphanages to nutrition projects, our placements are tried and true, as are our homestays who accommodate dozens of volunteers each year. All volunteers have access to extensive orientation and 24/7 staff support!

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Volunteer for the Visayans Reviews

Nutrition project volunteer

I volunteered with VFV back in 2011 (and loved it so much I came back in 2014!).
It was honestly one of the best experiences of my life, the Philippines is still my favourite country! Everyone at VFV was amazing, my homestays each time were fantastic. Being a vegetarian I was a little concerned about what I'd eat but my homestay mothers made some of the greatest food.
The nutrition projects I worked on were such an incredible experience, where I got to take what I'd learned at university and use it to make a difference. We cooked for the kids each day and did presentations to the local schools and communities. The kids were amazing too!
I'm still in close contact with a lot of the people I met there, they've become firm friends. This was my first solo travel experience and it was a perfect one.

By: Michelle Fraser
Nationality: British
Age: 29

Volunteering as a Media Intern for VFV

I volunteered for VFV back in 2014 for two weeks as a media intern and I really enjoyed my time there. You always get nervous about Voluntourism and if you are actually doing more damage rather than good, but being NGO based and being told honestly all the ins and outs of the company, I knew I made the right choice. Whatever project you choose, it really makes a difference to the community here as each and every one of my friends felt like they were making a significant impact. The staff at VFV are attentive and lovely, and theres some great nearby places in the area of Tacloban to step away from Bliss, if you need space. The only reason it's not 5 stars is that the family I stayed with made me feel awkward at times, but everything to do with VFV (and the trips they organized!) was genuinely the best volunteer organization I've worked with yet.

By: Vicky Carter
Nationality: British
Age: 25

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