Volunteer Discovery

Volunteer Discovery is an international volunteer organisation located in Costa Rica Central America, we place volunteers in community projects around Costa Rica like: Orphanages, Daycares, Hospitals, Schools, National Parks among others.

Our Mission: 

To help voluntary organisations and volunteers make the biggest difference they can.


Our Vision:

Create a society where we can all make a difference to the causes that we believe in.


What we Provide:

We provide to the volunteers; home stays, 24 hours assistant, transfer from the airport to their homes families, and everything they may need, we connect people who want to change the world together.

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Volunteer Discovery Reviews

I volunteered at the child residential facility in San José, Costa Rica.

1 - How did you hear about Volunteer Discovery?
A friend recommended Volunteer Discovery to me after she did the program herself in Peru during the summer of 2015.

2 - How was the Volunteer Discovery support in the USA prior to traveling?
The support in the USA from Volunteer Discovery was fantastic. I always got a prompt response via email and all my concerns were addressed. The reservation system was straight forward and easy to navigate.

3 - How was the local VD Coordinator/staff and the support provided in country?
I was picked up promptly at the airport by a friendly driver named Francisco when I arrived in San Jose and was taken to my homestay. The local abv staff was met me at my homestay and gave me information regarding living in the country and where I would be volunteering. I was always able to contact the local staff and they were excellent in answering any questions I had.

4 - How would you describe your accommodation?
My accommodation was great. I had hot water, internet, laundry and the meals prepared by my host mom were delicious. My host family were also eager to answer any questions I had and eager to help me get adjusted to living in Costa Rica. I felt totally safe in my homestay and the neighbourhood where I lived.

5 - What was the most surprising thing you experienced?
a. Program: How similar the children are to children in the United States. Kids are kids everywhere in this world.
b. Host family: My homestay had five very cute dogs living in the house.
c. Country: There are more Chinese restaurants in Costa Rica than there are in the United States.

6 - What was the most challenging thing you experienced?
I had no prior experience with children so getting adjusted to how kids think and act was a real challenge for me.

7 - Any tips for future volunteers?
Pack bug spray, local items from your home to give to your host family and long sleeve shirts and pants.

8 - Other things volunteers should know before coming here?
Costa Rican people are very friendly and the internet is usually slow.

9 - What was your favorite memory of this trip?:
a. Program: The day a previous resident of the orphanage came back to visit with his daughter.
b. Host Family: My host mom’s hospitality and my host dad’s humour.
c. Country: The friendliness of the people and the Pura Vida lifestyle.

10 - Overall experience:
This was a great experience for me and the program lived up to its name. I feel like I have gained a broader view of the world and working with the children at the orphanage really put my life into perspective for me. I know there is more I can do after this experience and I will continue to try to make a difference in lives around the world.

By: Thanh Sy
Nationality: United States of America
Age: 21

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