Volunteer Bolivia Spanish School

Volunteer Bolivia's Spanish school located in Cochabamba offers classes and  volunteer work in Bolivia. 

Some of the best Spanish classes in Latin America, we offer a host of Spanish courses designed to meet your needs.

Cochabamba, Bolivia’s third largest city is the perfect place for learning Spanish and our language school is the best in the city.

The school, housed in an old colonial style building, is centrally located in the bohemian section of town where artists and locals gather to discuss the country’s fascinating political panorama


Volunteering & Internships

Volunteer in Bolivia, it will be the experience of a lifetime and, for some, a life changing experience. We offer the chance to volunteer abroad in Bolivia. 

Volunteer jobs and internships, that combine a service learning experience with Spanish language immersion for an unforgettable intercultural experience.

Volunteer Bolivia will match your skills and interests to local needs in order to provide you with an unforgettable cross cultural experience.

You will never forget the knowledge you gain, the friends you make or the hearts you touch. Our small, individually tailored program offers an alternative to the big mainstream programs, providing the opportunity to learn to speak Spanish and volunteer abroad while gaining a greater understanding of Bolivia.

Volunteer Bolivia 's highly experienced on-site staff is available 24/7 to provide you with all you need to have the adventure of a lifetime:

  • A collaboratively designed volunteer placement
  • Spanish language immersion school
  • A Homestay with a Bolivian family
  • In house cultural center and travel agency.

Long term volunteers, are those who stay with us more than five months, speak intermediate Spanish and/or are specialized volunteers who have an expertise that matches our Bolivian colleagues´ needs.

Many long term volunteers contribute in a collaboratively designed volunteer position in a small local NGO helping in the office, translating, and/or working with the Bolivian staff. If you have a specialized skill, we can place you in your profession. In the past, long term volunteers have contributed as healthcare workers, physical therapists, graphic designers, by teaching advanced computer skills or in project development.

Come join us building a bridge to Bolivia and her people!

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