An exhilarating and meaningful adventure that will leave you with lasting memories and an experience that you could never had imagined. And all for the smallest cost.

Why Come To Thailand?

Thailand has a rich history and a warm culture, it has many wonderful scenic views from waterfalls, mountains and beaches however its greatest asset is the people. Thai’s are warm-hearted, they live life with a smile and will embrace you into their culture.

Why Volunteer?

There are many reasons why you may wish to volunteer from taking a career/student break, wanting to experience new cultures, the need for adventure or the urge to help , to be able to Volunteer is an unselfish act, with its reward being self satisfaction and the knowledge of actually making a difference.

The advantages of volunteering over holidaying in Thailand are that you will see the real side of the country. Away from the tourist areas you will see how Thai's live their lives, their daily routine their culture, customs and experience hidden gems of the landscape.

What will I be Doing?

Teaching Thai students English in schools which have been specially chosen to make you trip memorable

Overall, English is not well spoken by Thais. Students are no different.

English is not geography or history. It is not a body of information. But it’s taught that way. It’s a skill like swimming or riding a bike. Thai kids actually have a pretty good knowledge base about English. They just don’t know how to use it. It’s as though they’ve been taught the subject of swimming. But they just can’t swim.

Unlocking this ability doesn’t require teaching experience or training. The best volunteers we’ve seen have neither. What they do have is energy, an outgoing personality and a natural connection with people. If this is you. Then you are probably a natural.

Why Pay Excessive Sums To Volunteer?

There are too many agencies that charge too much for the privilege of volunteering in Thailand. Thailand is a popular tourist destination. But that shouldn’t be an excuse for high placement fees. Schools never charge agencies to get volunteers. They welcome them. Most provide accommodation and lunch free of charge. So why should agencies charge a lot to volunteers? The answer is: they shouldn’t.

When volunteering becomes expensive, fewer and fewer teachers end up in classrooms. And the students are the ones who end up paying. There are 13 million students here in Thailand. Most of them will never see a native English teacher. Only those who attend a bigger school in populated areas such as Bangkok, will. And Thai students as a group finish near the bottom of the rankings when children throughout Asia are tested for English proficiency. So the need is greater now than ever.

Why Choose Volunteachthailand?

We’ve placed several hundred volunteers in Thailand in the past few years. Our clients have been teachers, students, office workers, armed forces personnel and others. We will organize airport pickup to the projects Volunteer house and will give an orientation on Teaching and Thailand overall, we will also be organizing your accommodation at your chosen school. At the most important we will be your back up if you need assistance on whatever issue, our experienced team is always available and safety and security is carefully managed.

How Much?

Our project is one all inclusive fee of just 150 Euros. And no. There is no registration fee. (Actually, we’re not even sure what a registration fee is.)

Please fill free to explore our site, there is more specific details on the project and of course if you have any questions, please do not hesitate in sending an email and we will get back to you in 48 hours.

Hope to see you soon in the land of smiles

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