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Voluntary Horizons specializes in Volunteer Travel Programs with an introduction to Fair Trade.

VOLUNTARY HORIZONS is supported by InnovaChile from CORFO, a Chilean government corporation which supports innovative new projects in Chile.

Volunteering during a trip abroad allows you to engage in a unique and rewarding experience, that can have a lasting impact and really change the way you think, act and approach life in the future.
Working with indigenous communities, local communities, environmental concerns and social work are a few of the voluntary projects you can be able to participate in Chile and Argentina.

Our aim is to design a volunteering and travelling experience, maximising the time available, ensuring there is an interaction with local people, and that the project in which the work is contributed has clear objectives that will benefit a community.

At Voluntary Horizons we strive to ensure participants visit real and not so touristy locations, heading off the beaten track to see real life, learn about the country, take public transport, even live with a local family, discovering a different reality in life.
From 10 days to a month, all itineraries are programmed according to the participants needs, interests and budget.

Leave the planning to us!

- School Vacations Volunteering
- Group Volunteer Vacations
- Individual Volunteer Projects
- School´s Service Projects

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