Voluntary work opportunities in ecuador.


* 180 volunteers from the five continents has participate in our program in the past eight years. Each volunteer has participate an average of 1.6 months. That means a total volunteer work of 288 months (equivalent to 24 years of continuous work of one volunteer) serving the poor communities in the Andes.
* 60 former volunteers are still in contact with us and are ready to share their experiences with you. This is a very friendly association with a printed Review as a principal medium of information.
* 14 poor rural families are the core of our program. Living with them you will immerse in the true life of a village in the Andes and can help the family improving their living conditions and helping in the daily tasks. 16 children from this families are receiving the help from our sponsorship program and volunteers are helping one of the poorest family to construct their house. The children goes to the schools where you can also help.
* 5 rural schools affiliated to the program. Volunteers can help as rural teachers in English language, Sports, Computing, Art and Special courses in summer vacation with many recreational activities. VDO has four computers centres where children learn basic computing.
* The VDO children's library where children can borrow books about fairly tales and take to their homes. The aim of the library is to improve the vocabulary and interest in reading.


* Pick up service at Quito International Airport.
* Transportation to Ambato next day
* Reception at our office in Ambato. Registration, general instructions, recommendations and complete information about your participation.
* Transportation to your host home in the project location.
* A two days intensive initial training including all work, organizational and living aspects
* Direct assistance in meeting the family, teachers, children, communities and schools
* During your participation, lodging and three meals per day in the selected host house, in a single or double accommodation room (with another volunteer) and shared bathroom
* Opportunity to bettering your Spanish in conversational meetings
* Permanent assistance, emergency advice and advice on tourism and side activities
* A certificate when the program has been well completed
* This Program is available throughout the year.
There is a brake for Christmas and New Year.
* Staring date is flexible according to your travel plans.
* Normal lenght of commitment is two months. In some cases one month or one month and a half months is also allowed. You can stay uo to six months.


* Volunteers cover all their travel and living expenses and also helps to the support of the projects.
* For individuals the total program fees, all included, is lower than you can find in any other organization. We are a true volunteer organization so our costs are minimal for volunteers. After your application you will receive the fee according to the project you are interested.
* There are no additional or hidden fees. The program fees is a total cost and is all included, participation, accomodation, meals, etc.
* During the program you only need to take care of your personal expenses, tourism, transport, internet, wash clothing, drinking water, etc.
* Volunteers in groups up to four person are considered as individuals. Five and more are considered as a group. For informations about groups please contact us.


* Primary Rural School Teacher in English Language, Basic Computing and Sports.
* Art, Drama, Ecology or Special Subjects Teacher.
* Volunteer co-ordinator for experimental project with street children in the city of Ambato.
* Volunteer for construccion of houses in the rural area.
* Volunteer for schools and houses reparations and painting.
* Artist for teaching arts and for mural painting.
* Social workers for helping children to improve their living conditions.
* Co-ordinator for recreational activities with childrren and organisation of camp days and special activities.
* Doctors for helping in Health Centers.
* Nurses and students in medical areas for working in Health Centers, schools, campaigns and children care.

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