Voluntario Global

Voluntario Global is a non-profit network of small local initiatives in Latin America. We develop sustainable volunteer programs that aim to raise social awareness among young people.

Our work promotes open communication and cooperation among social organizations, local citizens, and volunteers from all over the world.

We provide an opportunity for people to integrate themselves into the communities of Buenos Aires, sharing their unique skills and supporting grassroots initiatives that work to help people improve their lives. Voluntario Global offers various programs for volunteers, these range from one day experience programs to professional unpaid internships.

There are clearly no magical solutions. When there is social inequality and high unemployment, there is often poverty and general misunderstanding between different socioeconomic classes. Nevertheless, it is possible to progress, if everyone is willing to help.

So, if you have come this far, this is a good start already.


Our Programs

Community Projects

Volunteering abroad allows you to enrich your life in many ways: learning, sharing, helping. The community outreach projects allow volunteers to work directly with impoverished communities, teaching English, working in orphanages and much more.


Professional Program

Gain international work experience, dive into an exciting culture and gain valuable skills. Programs range from tourism to education to communications. A professional program provides an interesting way to enhance your professional career through volunteering.


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