Voluntariado Internacional Voluntad en Accion (VIVA)

Voluntariado Internacional Voluntad en Acción (VIVA) is an organization created by youngster, it is located in the city of San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas. 

It was founded in February 2010 with the intention of promoting the international volunteering service especially in Chiapas region. We, the members of the organization, have participated as international volunteers around the world, these experiences encouraged us to establish our organization, with the objective of create a social space for interaction and citizenship participation, where the youngsters can have the opportunity to experience the volunteering and at the same time to have an educational, social and personal improvement trough their voluntary service. Our short, mid and long term projects are focused in education, permaculture and environment. They are independent projects, so they don't have permanent funding. The aim of VIVA is to support projects projects to grow at the same time wiht the organization. 


Our philosophy:

  • For us the volunteering is the manifestation of the human will to collaborate with others. Volunteering carry a social responsibility, it is an exchange of values, and a way of sharing and participating in the commitment of personal and community development.



  • To promote national and international volunteering

  • To guide and advice young volunteers to gain values through volunteering as an informal educational tool.

  • To provide training opportunities for young people in environmental matters, as well in non-formal education.

  • To organize social, educational and cultural events for youngsters.  

  • To promote intercultural understanding, culture of peace, solidarity, respect and environmental caring.

  • To collaborate and support the local projects, especially those that aim to create awareness about environmental caring, alternative energies and open youth spaces for them to exchange their ideas.



  • To provide conceptual tools to the participants like: communication, intercultural understanding, tolerance, respects, harmony, collaboration and empathy to prevent and clear up arguments.

  • To promote the sustainable development for the community, thus encouraging people’s participation in its own transformation, based awareness projects and respect for the environment

  • To create spaces in which youngsters be able to develop their artistic skills, sports, social and educational abilities

  • Generate an atmosphere of dialogue within social relations that are established with social organizations, groups and associations.

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