Vodkatrain journeys take you overland, getting you up close and personal with locals by travelling as they do – on public trains and buses.

Whether you’re planning on rolling along the Trans Siberian Railway or tracing the steps of ancient traders on the Silk Road, you’ll come face to face with life beyond the tourist trail.

Sit back and relax as you journey through incredible countries and discover the heartbeat of civilisations. Trains and buses are basic but comfortable and offer a window into real life. Most locals won’t be going the same distance as you, so you’ll meet a marvellous mix along the way. People-watch your heart out; you’ll cherish these ‘ordinary’ moments forever.

Don’t be afraid to say hello to fellow travellers. Mingle with the club kids of St. Petersburg, practice mindfulness with the Buddhist monks of Mongolia, and toast to good health with Georgian winemakers… all before you hop off anywhere.

Gaze at vistas from vast deserts and vibrant cities. Devour homecooked delights at platforms and road stops along the way. And be sure to give your spirit of adventure a breather before you reach your next destination.

Other transport may include boat, jeep and metro, as well as the odd camel, yak, horse and husky.

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Vodkatrain Reviews

One of the best!

The Vodkatrain journey is one of the best experiences you could hope for! The mix of sights, destinations, WOW moments and experience highs is incredible.
My husband and I did the trip together and both equally loved it.
The people, the culture, the different accommodation, on the train, the guides... (Mars in Mongolia- top guy!) Everything is outstanding.
We had a blast and can't recommend highly enough

By: Natalie
Nationality: Australian
Age: 29

Dreams come true!

It was a fabulous trip! The best way to see Russia and experience the vastness and the diversity of people and culture. Gives a glimpse of real Russian life. It’s for those people with a sense of adventure. Highly recommended!

By: Anna
Nationality: Poland
Age: 29

What time is it? Is this still Russia? Wait we are in Asia now?

The Trans Siberian Railway is undoubtedly something you MUST do. There are plenty of options and I trawled through them all before finitely choosing to use Vodka Train (also known at Sundowners Overland).

I was sent to Vodka Train via a recommendation of a friend of a friends and when I finally went online and saw that it is seemingly the cheapest by around £500! I thought, hey why not? The biggest difference is that you do not have a guide on the train with you... But you don't need one, just a good Russian to English Dictionary will do. People are so friendly and you have rather assertive matron style train guards who support you throughout. The train makes up most of your accommodation and don't be put off by "third class" that was genuinely my favourite experience, the most authentic and you still get a good bed to sleep in. You also stay in the most beautiful lodge in Irkustk and are met by a wonderful knowledgeable local guide... Studying in the area and genuinely passionate about her home town.

I found that the only tricky part was booking... For me it wasn't completely clear whether I had booked Eastbound or Westbound so clarify that before booking flights.

Overall though, I was highly impressed and I look forward to doing another of their train journeys.

By: Katy
Nationality: British
Age: 23

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