Vivientes – The living project” is a network that promotes the empowerment of poor communities through different areas of action.

The project was officially signed on 2011, at 2014 we go more deaply  with cooperation with local communities.

All activities done by “Vivientes” are under the layout of “Casas, Plazas y escuelas Vivientes ” that sets the scientific base for accomplish long term results on diverse environments.

The project was funded by Nando León and Karen Gómez and is actively supported by several professional and institutions around the globe.

Until today we have more than 40+ professionals of the most diverse areas with “Vivientes” goals, such as pedagogy, art, design, aquaculture, medicine, ancestral healing, homeopathy, construction, etc..)

The project manage several initiatives that address global needs to specific issues for each community.


Our Iniciatives

A few of our Viviente’s iniciatives:

  • Leadership + creativity labs for  Kids and Youth.
  • Family organic garden + medicinal garden.
  • Cultural rescue as a empowerment tool.
  • Promote of building with native materials.
  • Improvement of Handicraft and local production.
  • and more

The project include the rescue of the land, making it productive in a sustainable way. Promoting the farming of organic food, medicinal herbs, and much more.

It also incluse other productive areas like rescue of ancestral practice like artisanal fishing with Guancavilcas rafts, woodwork workshop with recycling materials, folkloric dance, historical information rescue (museum) and much more practices that are researched and applied on each area of investigation.


The stations

Not only “visit” the community  – involve with them

We have two Stations:

  • Acclimatization Station – Dos Mangas Community
  • Research Station – San Vicente Community

The Stations are made to make easier to access to more distance communities. The Acclimatitation station is located near Dos Mangas – situated between the montains and the see. great as a main point.

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