ViVe offers one of the most interesting ecological projects in Europe, volunteers do face to face campaining informing tourists about marine life in Iceland and around its water along with surveys. Volunteers learn about different NGOs as well as various aspects of animal welfare.

Members of ViVe have been working closely with IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, along with Icewhale on animal welfare issues; in particular whale protection with an emphasis on minke whales and fin whales. The campaign has been known as Meet Us Don’t Eat Us.

Numerous volunteers from Ghana, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Spain, South Korea, Japan, Croatia and all around the globe have joined this campaign as either short term or long term volunteers. Each camp lasts for two weeks.

Volunteers that take part in this campaign can go whale watching with any whale watching operator that is withinIcewhale, which the majority are. ViVe will also assist volunteers in in planning or organizing excursions outside the capital.

No fees are paid for whale watching with operators withinIcewhale since it is a part of the campaign and volunteers have the opportunity to travel outside the capital area in their leisure time. In addition this this, volunteers can also visit the largest whale museum in Europe, Whales of Iceland.

Costs / Pay

270$, included in participation fees are accommodation, food and free whale watching trips and entrance the the exhibition Whales of Iceland.

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