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Visions in Action is the recipient of State Department sponsored Youth Leadership grant. VIA is working with the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to implement this program. Phase two of this program starts soon and we are excited to involve the community in this initiative.

Visions in Action is committed to achieving social and economic justice in the developing world through grassroots programs and communities of self-reliant volunteers. This is accomplished through our classic volunteer program, which supports NGOs in our program countries, and through our supported volunteer program, which staffs our development programs


Visions' Programs

Visions in Action runs its own development programs in Liberia and Uganda through government grants and collaboration with government agencies such as USAID and UNICEF. In Uganda, HIV testing and counseling centers have been established and primary schools have been built and improved. In Liberia, school libraries have been created, new agricultural technology has been implemented, school meal programs are being monitored, and educational supplies, school buildings, teacher training, scholarships, and attendance incentive rations have been provided.


Classic Volunteer Program

Visions in Action offers a fee-based Classic Volunteer Program in South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda. This six or twelve month program is designed to provide Classic Volunteers with an opportunity to work with local nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), enabling them to alleviate social and economic injustice in the developing world.


Supported Volunteer Program

The Supported Volunteer Program provides the opportunity to work directly for Visions in Action's development programs. Currently, this includes programs in education, food security, and excombatant training in Liberia, and programs in HIV/AIDS counseling and testing and emergency education for internally displaced persons in northern Uganda. Programs in Haiti, Liberia, Mexico, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda


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