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VE Global (VE) recruits, trains and organizes international volunteers to achieve our mission of fostering the positive development of children at social risk in Chile. 

VE has successfully integrated nearly 450 full-time volunteers from more than 35 countries into our network of local partner organizations which include children's homes, community centers, schools and preschools in some of the most vulnerable areas of Santiago.

VE volunteers help implement our four educational programs: ¡Vamos a Leer!, Festival de Arte, Liga de Deportes and English in Motion.  Each volunteer is placed in one of our partner social service organizations where they mentor children in a variety of ways, from assisting with homework to creating and running their own workshops and activities.

Volunteers build strong relationships with the children for whom they provide support, friendship and the chance to just have fun and be a kid. Our volunteers also form part of VE Global’s committees, helping improve our educational programs, or assisting with the organization’s development through communications outreach and fundraising efforts. 

This gives volunteers the opportunity not only to grow and learn professionally at an international NGO, but also to have a sustainable impact on VE Global as an organization. Because of the delicate nature of working with children who have been abused or neglected, we require that our volunteers join our team for a minimum of four months, with a full-time commitment.


Our Volunteer Program

VE Global’s volunteer program is unique compared to others as we are a No-Fee program. However, your support is critical in making sure that program administrative and operational costs are covered. Every volunteer thus commits to fundraising actively throughout their stay in Santiago. In return for their contributions, hard work and enduring efforts promoting VE and its ideals, VE volunteers receive:

  • Over 100 hours of training in 4 months
  • 10 days of orientation and initial formation in children education
  • 24/7 continuous support and emergency assistance
  • Help in finding accommodation once arriving in Santiago
  • Two vacation days per month worked
  • A mid-term Jornada, Our version of a corporate retreat
  • Important advice on adjusting to life in Chile and managing culture shock
  • A VE t-shirt and bag

VE Global also seeks qualified intern candidates to support a small nonprofit staff at fulfilling their mission of fostering the development of children and youth at social risk in Chile by training and empowering a team of volunteers to serve as positive role models, educators, and advocates of social justice.



VE Global internships support this mission by helping in two general areas: Volunteer Program Management and Administration, and Development and Communications. As an intern you will support the Executive Director and Program Director in their achievement of the highest standards in selection and recruiting, training, program management, and resource development. Additionally, you will provide direct support to the VE Global team on logistical, strategic and operational aspects of VE Global's initiatives.

Internships at VE Global will provide the candidate with the opportunity to get a comprehensive view of an international nonprofit organization that focuses on providing social services to children and youth at social risk through its volunteer program. As an intern, you will gain unique insight into the operations of a dynamic organization that values empowerment, community, positivity, integrity and responsibility. 

Currently, VE offers five internships:

  • Programs Intern
  • Recruiting and International Relations Intern
  • Development and Business Partnership Intern
  • Fundraising and Alliances Intern
  • Communications and Marketing Intern

Intern positions are limited and competitive. Interns must be able to commit to a minimum 3-month commitment. Internships may be part time or full time, with a minimum weekly commitment of at least 20 hours. Both part time and full time intern positions are available, with a minimum 3-month commitment required. 

With an average on-the-ground presence of 15 full-time volunteers and two dedicated staff members, VE provides more than 40,000 hours of volunteer support each year and serves more than 200 children daily. Through this work, VE strives to contribute to a brighter future both for the children it serves and the volunteers that work with them, a goal achieved by training volunteers to become educators and role models that serve children both now and into the future.


Duration / Dates

All year round; internship applications accepted on a rolling basis, volunteers accepted in January, May, and September

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