VAYA Volunteers and Experience Exchange

Vaya Volunteers and Experience Exchange is a volunteer / travel organization that is located in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

We offer inexpensive travel abroad packages that combine vacation with a meaningful volunteering opportunity and cultural exchange. Work within a community teaching English or sharing your interests and have the adventure of a lifetime!

Vision of VAYA:

We envision a community where all children have access to a safe, fun environment in which to learn and interact with positive role models as well as have exposure to the English language. Volunteers will help the children maximize their potential leading to increased opportunities in their lives.

Mission of VAYA:

The mission of VAYA has two components that aim to enrich the lives of both our volunteers and the people of Matagalpa. Our goal is to provide a safe and educational place for children to learn and play. Our goal for the volunteers is to create global citizens who understand the value of learning from experiences and share a mutual respect and understanding for another culture and way of life.

VAYA Projects:

VAYA collaborates with local NGOs and community organizations to provide English classes, extracurricular activities and mentoring for kids in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. The English program is based on learning through play. Children are introduced to English as a second language through games, songs, and activities similar to the way they learn their mother tongue. We want children to have a positive, fun experience with English when they are first trying to learn it. This is the best way for them to form a strong English foundation and stay motivated to continue learning English throughout their adolescence.

Another program we are very proud to offer is our free-form extracurricular program. Volunteers can share with the children their interests and skills such as dance, art, photography, sewing and gardening. This are short-term workshops that are organized and executed by volunteers and community members giving kids the opportunity to explore their interests and creativity!

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