UTSAH-Universal Team for Social Action and Help

UTSAH-Universal Team for Social Action & Help is a NGO working towards the inclusive betterment of the society by encouraging people to participate actively in the process of development. The organization aims to achieve an equitable society, built around its social, environmental and cultural heritage, where all its people could thrive. Inspired by Gandhian Ideals of Community Service, UTSAH, undertakes a range of “Comprehensive Community Development Programmes” covering issues of Child Rights and Protection (primarily), Women Rights, Elderly care and Youth Empowerment ,while increasing services and aid towards empowering and uplifting marginalized/disadvantaged communities within specific, measurable and achievable parameters.


UTSAH is situated in the beautiful city of Guwahati, Assam, located in the North-Eastern part of the country, often termed as “paradise unexplored”. While the Head office is in the heart of the city, Utsah conducts work not only within the city, but also in the rural areas, exposing the Interns to a universal setting.

1.Child Protection Center: The Child Protection Programme is a Step-by-Step module developed by UTSAH to better the conditions of and create a protective net for vulnerable children living in unorganised Slum Areas of Guwahati,by engaging a broad spectrum of stakeholders.
2.Slum Area Development: The Slum Area Development is a Step-by-Step module developed by UTSAH to better the conditions of people living in unorganised Slum Area of Hafiznagar No2.of Guwahati,by engaging a broad spectrum of stakeholders.
3.Non formal Onsite school for rescued Child Labourers:90 students are enrolled in the UTSAH Hafiznagar No2 Slum Area.This School mainstreamed 20 of its students into the Government schools in January 2013.The primary goal of this unit is to rescue all the children living in the particular slum are from Child Labour and mainstream them by 2015.
4.Children's Home cum Child Development Center: Apart from being a 50 bed Children's Home for "Children in Need of Care and Protection" this would also function as a State of the Art Center addressing deep social issues related with children.This would include High standard Reporting Mechanism, Referral, Services, Training and Capacity Building.
5.Child Rescue
UTSAH is empowered ,by the Government of Assam, to help Children who are in need of care and protection ,from difficult circumstances.This includes rescue, referral and rehabilitation.Utsah's aim is to protect the non-negotiable rights of Children as per the standards established in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and secure the best interest of Children who are in need of care and protection.
6.Utsah Volunteer Programme:
If you are interested in volunteering/interning  with us kindly send us an application letter addressed to the chief of public relations at utsahngo@yahoo.in. We will get back to you within two Workdays.
To become an UTSAH Volunteer/Intern you should have the following values and commitment, and possess the following qualifications:
Values and commitment
-Strong commitment to the values and principles of volunteerism;
-Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment;
-Ability to adjust to difficult living conditions;
-Strong interpersonal and organizational skills;
-Prior volunteering experience in a developing country is an added asset,though not mandatory.
-Atleast 19 years of age (unless part of a school community service programme)
The Utsah Volunteer/ Intern Programme is an equal opportunity programme which welcomes applications from people committed to the ideals of volunteerism.
Required skills for all volunteers and interns: As previously mentioned UTSAH has long acted as an institution of learning for students, interns and volunteers. However, we have come to the conclusion that we must insist incoming volunteers/interns be proficient in the following:
 Computer skill: typing
 Communication
 Flexibility in new or difficult environment
 English: reading, writing and speaking
The key benefit of being an UTSAH Volunteer/Intern is the personal satisfaction the various volunteer/intern assignments bring to you as you make a positive impact on development. It also leads to a unique enhancement of your professional and personal experience. 
All UTSAH Volunteer/Intern assignments are without a salary unless special provisions are made for the same.
UTSAH Volunteer/Intern assignments are exciting and rewarding, but living and working conditions can be difficult at times.
We encourage you to read and fully understand the PDF document summary given on our website www.utsahassam.org and understand the Conditions of Service before you continue the application process.
The broad aim of field work is to provide opportunities for students/volunteers to apply the knowledge learnt in the classroom situations and to plan, implement and evaluate these experiences while working with individuals, groups and communities.
These will be in keeping with the UTSAH's philosophy, policy and goals and use of guided supervision.
Objectives of Field Work:
The UTSAH fieldwork programme has been designed to achieve the following objectives:
1. To help students/volunteers understand the socio-economic, cultural and political milieu and develop capacity for critical examination of causative and maintenance factors of social problems and their consequences.
2. To provide students/volunteers with an opportunity to apply theories in practical situations for problem solving with individuals, groups and communities
3. To help students/volunteers identify, plan and implement social work interventions through the application of the methods of social work and to assess their impact on different client systems in various field settings.
4. To help students/volunteers appreciate the role of social work profession empowering individuals, groups and communities and in facilitating social change, ensuring human rights and social justice.
5. To help students/volunteers develop skills and appropriate personality qualities required for professional social work practice.
6. To provide opportunities to accept challenges and respond to them.
7. To understand the nature of social work practice in different specializations.
-Working with Individuals:
Each student/volunteer would get exposed to the practice of Social Case Work with the guidance of the supervisors and submit the record of each session.
-Working with Groups:
Each student/volunteer would get exposed to the practice of Social Group Work with guidance of the supervisors and submit the case records.
-Community Organization:
Each student/volunteer would organize a community organization during his/her field work with Utsah.
UTSAH considers its volunteers and interns to be valuable assets to the organisation. Furthermore, it believes that a clear understanding of the working agreement between utsah an its staff (including volunteers and interns) is the basis of a harmonious and productive environment.
Various assignments and projects will be given to you during your time at UTSAH. The work completed by our interns and volunteers is incredibly critical to our development. The work you contribute could directly affect the lives of our beneficiaries and it is representative of UTSAH as an organisation. Therefore, all projects and assignments must be completed on time and must be of superior quality. Sloppy, incorrect or inadequate work will not be tolerated or accepted by staff. UTSAH is tolerant of the fact that incoming volunteers and interns may have varying skill levels but we must maintain a professional quality of work. If you need extra assistance please inform your supervisor before the deadline arrives. We are happy to help.
Guwahati is a safe place for tourists and visitors.The people of this fast growing city are friendly and ready to help.However, keeping in mind the security of our visitors, we have certain guidelines for our Volunteers.
1. Registration with the Police: Upon your arrival, the Utsah Team would assist you with a short registering process with the local Police.
2. Local Telephone Number : Upon you arrival, you would be provided with a local Guwahati Number.This will help us keep track of your security concerns.
3. Alert : Though Guwahati is a friendly city, you are advised to keep away from strangers.Any kind of deviant behaviour from a stranger should be immediately reported to your supervisor.
4.Time regulations: Utsah Volunteers are advised to return to their respective lodging before 8:00 PM.Incase, you wish to extend your time, prior consent from your supervisor is mandatory.
5. Health: Utsah would organize regular medical check ups for volunteers to ensure a healthy stay.
6.Travel : Though Guwahati has an organized public transport system, there might be issues after 8 PM.In that case you are expected to inform your supervisor for assistance.The Supervisor would ensure adequate arrangements are made for you travel in the event of emergencies.


Duration / Dates

1. September - November 2013
2. September- December 2013
3. September- January 2014
4. November-December 2013
5. November-December 2013
6. January-February 2014
7. January-March 2014
8. January- any month 2014
9. Any duration with a commitment of atleast one month.

Costs / Pay

Cost for International Volunteers:

1. 400 USD/Month per Volunteer (Covers Fooding and work travel)

Contact / Enquiry

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