University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)

The University Studies Abroad Consortium has provided university students with quality study abroad programs for over 30 years.

We pride ourselves on providing well-rounded, academically sound and credible programs in non-traditional locations or in unique parts of more traditional places. By choosing a USAC program, you have flexibility in the length and time of your study (short-term summer or January programs from three to ten weeks, to semester, trimester, or year options) and a wide range of courses to choose from, plus small class sizes, a multitude of disciplines taught in English, and language study at any level of proficiency from beginning to advanced and with no language prerequisite. Many of our locations have the option of intensive language study, where you can earn up to two years-worth of credit in one semester. USAC alumni give our programs a 94% recommendation rate.



USAC currently offers programs in 28 different countries. Whether you want to focus on intensive language study or need courses in English, whether you want a big city or a small town, USAC has something for you. Use the program search tool to find a program that best meets your needs.

Our programs feature outstanding on-site staff and support from USAC and/or host university staff and services. USAC programs are stable and well-established, benefiting from the longevity, experience, passion, and wisdom of many of our staff. In addition to excellent academic offerings, USAC programs offer a wide array of informal and formal opportunities to enrich your time abroad and immerse yourself in your host culture, integrating with the local and global community.

Internships, field study, and service learning courses offer for-credit opportunities to combine tangible experience and university credit. Volunteer opportunities, field trips and tours, activities with locals and as part of the host campus, cultural and sporting opportunities, and much more provide social and cultural context—both meaningful and enjoyable — to your studies abroad.

As a non-profit, university-based organization, we understand the financial pressures students face to finance their educations. We are committed to maintaining modest fees for our programs and in addition work to provide scholarships and access to other means of financing in order to provide an affordable study abroad opportunity with USAC.



Our goal is for your USAC experience to be fully rewarding and to expand your knowledge of another culture.

  • Change Your Life: explore something different than the routine, grow as an individual, learn about yourself.
  • Gain New Perspective: experience life outside your borders, make new friends, live with and learn from people of different values, beliefs, and celebrations than your own.
  • Discover Your Passions: get inspired, test your assumptions, let life surprise you.
  • Enrich Your Education: blur the lines between inside and outside the classroom, get a new angle on your major, select courses not offered at your home university, learn a language.
  • Stay on Track to Complete Your Degree: earn university credit, fulfill major/minor requirements, gain experience through volunteering or sign-up for an internship.
  • Distinguish Yourself: make yourself more marketable to future employers, enhance your interpersonal skills, benefit from your unique understanding of a new part of the world.
  • Demonstrate Your Adaptability: prove your ability to work with different people, your willingness to communicate across cultural or language barriers, your sense of adventure and problem-solving.
  • Accomplish More Than Imagined: develop confidence, succeed in taking risks and stretching yourself, try new things.
  • Prepare for the Future: consider new directions, earn credit and experiences in preparation for graduate/professional school or a career, deepen your knowledge and skills for use in any future situation.
  • Open the Doors to the Next Opportunity! So much is possible! Students have found new passions, new majors/minors, new job connections, new business opportunities, new directions, new vision. What will you find?

Living and learning in another culture not only provides the competitive edge that today’s employers are looking for, but also offers a life-changing experience. The benefits of study abroad are multifaceted and extend far beyond the classroom—there is no substitute for the experience. Your opportunity to enhance your future prospects and have this life-changing experience is here now!

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University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) Reviews

USAC Uruguay

I studied abroad with USAC’s new Uruguay program in Fall 2017 - their first semester having a program there! It was incredible how organized they were in academic, field study, home-stay, etc. for it being a brand new program.
Uruguay is the Europe of South America; its inhabitants are primarily descendents of Italian or Spanish colonists. The architecture is as gorgeous as Europe’s, but with more South American flair (think: tango in the streets on a Friday night)
The trip that USAC organized to Buenos Aires was equally unforgettable. The tour guide was an Argentinian native who knew the city well, and made the tour interesting & unique.
I recommend staying with a host family for this program! Uruguayans are VERY welcoming and family-oriented. They love a good rooftop asado with a glass of “medio y medio” (half champagne, half white wine... yeah, I know. Insane).

Go to Uruguay and you’ll guaranteed be the only person you know who has been. Everyone has already been to Spain 😉

By: Makena Forster
Nationality: American
Age: 22

USAC Shanghai Yearlong

My time in Shanghai with USAC was absolutely the best year of my life! The program was super affordable for a whole year abroad, and the class offerings were really diverse- I took foreign policy, calligraphy, cooking, and many more courses! I also got to travel to different parts of China with the program, and was offered opportunities to meet experts and tour different businesses and offices. I wish I could go back for more! USAC makes China very approachable and accessible, regardless of your language skills.

By: Kati
Nationality: USA
Age: 21

Best year of my life

I studied abroad in Brazil with USAC from 2016 to 2017 and it was hands down the best decision that I have ever made. I had only planned on staying for one semester but realized that wasn't enough and decided to stay for another. My first semester I stayed with a host family and the second I stayed in an apartment with a mix of other Americans and Brazilians. They both had their perks. The last week was the only time that I had issues but it was only because I didn't want to leave. The staff in the US and in Brazil were extremely helpful and understanding with any issues that I had before, during, or after my journey.

By: Alex Stuart
Nationality: American
Age: 26

USAC in Brazil

I studied abroad with USAC in Florianópolis, Brazil in 2014. This was one of the best decisions I could have made and am so thankful for the opportunities that I had and friendships I made during my time in Brazil! It was an amazing adventure and USAC supported us throughout the joirney. Since this program I have been back to Brazil 3 times, it has truely become a home away from home.

By: Gabby
Nationality: USA
Age: 26

Incredible Experience!

I studied in Costa Rica for a semester and it was absolutely amazing in every way. Our classroom overlooked the ocean, we took dance classes, and had some amazing field trips. Not to mention the people you become friends are some of the best friends you’ll ever have.
If you’re thinking about studying abroad, DO IT!
USAC offers so many unconventional program sites so you really feel like you are a local.

By: Alyssa Serrano
Nationality: Mexican American
Age: 22

Great trip

Costa Rica was unlike anything I ever imagined, I created some amazing friendships and bonds that will never be broken! Usac was amazing with all the help in planning this full summer in another country along with a field study to Cuba!! Everything about my study abroad experience was absolutely amazing and I’m very thankful for all the help from everyone including my perfect host family!!!

By: Abigail Baroody
Nationality: American
Age: 20

Best Experience

It was a terrific experience. USAC was very helpful through out the process. Only thing is that they need to invest more in notnonly encoraging more POC’s to study abroad. It’s a majority white space that needs to be more inclusive. POC don’t get to travel much unless they have access. It was a lot of work for me to even try to get funding. Please invest more into making a study abroad experience more inclusive. Meaning please find staff in other countries that are also black, Latinx and etc. Other than that my experience was beautiful I just hope to see more diversity instead of 1 or MAYBE 2 people of color.

Thank you USAC!

By: Danielle
Nationality: Black
Age: 23

Life changing to say the least

My experience studying abroad through USAC San Ramon was incredible. I loved my classes (tropical conservation biology, tropical ecology), had the best home stay, and made friendships that will last a lifetime. Not to forget the memories and stories I'll hold onto for the rest of my life. I wish I would've stayed for both summer sessions and not just the first session. I highly encourage everyone to leave their comfort zone because it'll change your life for the better.

By: Rachel
Nationality: American
Age: 20

University Study Abroad Consortium Summer 2018

Hi, my name is Ashley Bowman and I am a Nursing and Deaf Studies Major from Nevada State College. My hobbies include writing, photography, science based healthcare research, cultural exchange projects and initiatives. Did you know: University Study Abroad Consortium (USAC) Is a non-profit based out of Reno, Nevada. Their dedicated staff aid students in study abroad experiences in twenty-eight different countries, with a new program site location starting in Spring 2019 in Thailand as well! Also, in 2017, USAC was awarded and announced as a Top Rated Study Abroad Organization! Five Stars to USAC!

Recently, I was given an opportunity to study abroad through USAC, Nevada State College and Gilman Scholarship to bridge my knowledge and program studies in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I completely enjoyed my time abroad exploring and expanding on photography, language skills, writing and adaptability. Because of USAC’s hands on and dedicated staff, I was able to comfortably learn about myself, mental and physical health and culture in Thailand. Not to mention their remarkable website and guided staff led me through the application process and check list for getting abroad safely!

I am extremely enlightened and grateful after this opportunity and have shared some information on my blog I was inspired to create while abroad. I have so much more to share and will be with the launch and expansion of my Wordpress blog YouTube channel Fall 2018. After my studies abroad trip, which is slowly approaching an end, I plan to grow a study abroad department in partnership with an advisor on my campus. Using my recent photos and live videoing feeds across multiple social media platforms, I hope to reach thousands of students and push them to study abroad! This experience has pushed me out of my comfort zone and into an incredible world of endless possibilities. University Studies Abroad Consortium is the only way to go! Check them out!

By: Ashley
Nationality: Proud African American
Age: 24

One of the Best Things I’ve Ever Done

Studying abroad with USAC was an amazing experience that involved great classes, field trips to nearby historical spots, and great faculty!
USAC offers the very best in its program, and safety! It is the perfect way to start out in another country.

By: Allie Pritchard
Nationality: American
Age: 22

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