University of Zagreb: Faculty of Economics & Business

University of Zagreb was founded in 1669, among the first of universities in Europe.

The Faculty of Economics & Business Zagreb was founded in 1920; hence, it represents the oldest institution of higher education in economics in this part of Europe as a part of the University of Zagreb.

Today, the Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb is the leading and the largest institution of higher education for entrepreneurial education in the Region. Our teaching staff is comprised of 250 members who are employed in our study programmes and various research projects.

The Faculty performs undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as the postgraduate doctoral and specialist studies in the field of economics and business. We have harmonized new undergraduate and graduate teaching programs of economics and business to the principles of Bologna declaration.

Currently, the Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb has approximately 10.000 students. Each year 1500 students graduate from the Faculty of Economics and Business.

The Faculty hosts many conferences and publishes scientific journals, but it is also an important factor in Croatian economy. It influences, to a greater or lesser extent, the creation of Croatia’s economic policy. The biggest Croatian enterprises today recognize the Faculty as an important strategic partner. The Faculty is the holder of several research and professional projects whose content is predominantly linked to problems of contemporary economic matters in the Republic of Croatia. This orientation has enabled our lecturers and associates to express their research and consulting potentials. 

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