United Jewish Israel Appeal

UJIA has been the key funder for youth movements, Israel Experience programmes, student programmes, and schools programmes for more than two decades. 

In all we invest £1.9 million a year in these programmes. We haven’t just voiced the truism that the future of the community depends on its young people – we’ve acted on it.

The extensive range of programmes creates a ladder of Jewish engagement. The result is not just that we get new dynamic leaders, but the level of Jewish involvement and participation across the generation is vastly higher: we reach more than 11,000 Jewish young people in the UK each year. We are helped in doing this because we are lucky – we have Israel. Israel is an incredibly powerful driver of Jewish identity and we put Israel at the heart of all our education programmes.


Gap Year with UJIA

A Gap Year in Israel is a fantastic opportunity to develop personally and professionally, as well as build on your knowledge and commitment to Israel. If you have any questions about any of the programmes or need any assistance, please follow the contact details. 

A joint programme for the liberal and reform communities between LJY-Netzer & RSYNetzer. You will experience an open, progressive and inclusive environment. Shnat Netzer is an adventure that explores the fascinating realities of Israel and the challenges facing the Jewish People. It gives you the chance to make a difference through social action projects, exciting volunteer placements, studying in Jerusalem and hiking the length of the country.

Noam are a Masorti, Zionist youth movement who believe in Tikkun Olam (Social Action). Drachim is a 5 month programme based in Tel Aviv. Participants will spend the majority of their time volunteering while living independently in an apartment.

FZY is a pluralist, Zionist youth movement. FZY Year Course provides a Gap Year that immerses you in Israeli society while giving you the opportunity to meet young Jews from all over the world. Running for 9 months, the year course combines volunteering, studying, hiking, learning, world travel and fun in a Gap Year that is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

BBYO is a pluralist, peer led Zionist youth movement which believes in activism. BBYO is offering a unique 6 month option which includes volunteering in Jerusalem as well as experience in the army, Magen David Adom or a kibbutz.

Bnei Akiva
Bnei Akiva gives young Jewish people a framework to live a religious lifestyle in the modern world and a mission to make an active contribution to our community and the people of Israel. You can either spend time in seminary or yeshiva on the Torani programme, or a Gap Year full of volunteering and learning on the Lehava programme.

Habonim Dror
The programme offers a unique blend of educational programming and community volunteer work, all of which is facilitated within a kvutsah (group) framework. To further enhance the connection between the participants and Habonim Dror, the Shnat group travels to Poland for a week to look at the roots of the movement and study the concept of resistance within the Holocaust.

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