Uganda Youth Skills Training Project

Uganda Youth Skills Training Project an organization committed to develop youth through Sustainable skills training. Volunteer with us!


Volunteering with us

Our work promotes youth development and our volunteer program promotes international co-operation, friendship, cross-cultural exposure, understanding, solidarity and breaks new grounds for sustainable social-economic development through voluntary work and volunteering-internships programs in our operational areas here in Uganda. We therefore welcome you to participate in our programs and we will be honored by your participation. Please pass on our information to your friends and other prospective and potential volunteers!


Requirements for International Volunteers

  • Must be 18 years and over
  • Must be healthy
  • Must speak English
  • Must be able to adapt to the Ugandan way of life
  • Must pay $500 for the beginning as a program fee.
  • Must be able to stay with a Ugandan host family
  • Must provide a CV, 2 references, sign an agreement with us.
  • Must be ready to volunteer for at least a one month.

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