Udavi is a registered, non-profit organization in India.

Established in the year 1993 and implements various development programs for children, women, youth and general community with special focus on street children, child labor, persons with disabilities, skill- and community development.

Since 2008, in collaboration with “ijgd” (Berlin, Germany), we are taking part in the “weltwärts” program and so far received 83 international volunteers (north-south) and placed them in different projects. From 2014 we have been sending Indian youths to Germany as part of the south-north program with “ijgd” (Berlin, Germany). So far we have sent 17 volunteers.

In collaboration with the Scandinavian Institute, Sweden and the University of Sydney, Australia we recieved volunteers and students as part of the academic field exposure and placed them in projects for teaching school children in rural areas and comunity based rehabilitation for persons with disabilities.

Since there is a demand and opportunities for volunteers in the field of:

  • teaching children
  • working with orphan children
  • homeless people, geriatric care
  • youth
  • health
  • media
  • skill development
  • ecological and environmental program
  • animal welfare
  • agricultural and herbal medicine
  • research for students
  • exposure visit among rural, urban and tribal communities
  • special skills e.g. music, dance, painting or sport
  • learning indian traditional arts and cultural exchange

Duration / Dates

- Three months.
- Six months.
- One year.

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