UBELONG offers safe and extremely affordable volunteering in Asia, South America & Africa. It is based in the US and led by development professionals & leading professors determined to raise the bar in short-term international volunteering.


UBELONG is a leading volunteer abroad organization that aims to be the most affordable, supportive and professional in the world. Its projects stretch from 1 week to 6 months and run throughout the year. There are opportunities across a range of areas, including agriculture, business development, caregiving, education, environment and more.

Every year 1,000 individuals from all backgrounds join programs. Many volunteer alone or with small groups of family and friends, while others volunteer in large corporate or university groups.

What Can You Do?

UBELONG has two programs, Immersion and Expedition, which empower you to volunteer and learn throughout the developing world.


For periods of one week to six months, live in a community and volunteer on local development projects. Whether you decide to go to Asia, South America or Africa, choose from a range of volunteer placement options to find a project that matches your interests and skills.


Join a group of eight to ten people for a two-week journey during which you travel with UBELONG Expedition Leaders to learn about international development issues. Expeditions take place throughout the world and feature interactive instruction and service-learning opportunities.

Duration / Dates

Programs run throughout the year and run from 1 week to 6 months.

Costs / Pay

Program costs start from US$150 for 1 week.

Contact / Enquiry



UBELONG & Merida. Perfect complements

This project exceeded my expectations. At first, there was misunderstanding by me but got over it and embraced all aspects of the marketing and social entrepreneurship project.
We stayed in a beautiful hostel close the city center. My first time in a hostel and after 7 weeks, I now use them frequently.
Mérida is beautiful and you never left with nothing to do. Arts, music, history plus plenty of global travelers for interesting conversations.
Having a local team for questions and comfort was effective. The local team, fellow volunteers and support from HQ were invaluable.
I recommend UBELONG and was exposed to happenings at other projects throughout the world.
All this said, you are engaging with people with a variety of perspectives so, there could be conflict. My advice, resolve early and involve the local team before it becomes unmanageable.

By: Carlos Ramirez
Nationality: USA
Age: 56

My Review of UBELONG's Rabat, Morocco Project

I participated on a community program in Rabat which is the capital of Morocco. Overall I would recommend UBELONG for certain destinations but not for the Morocco project. Knowing what I know now, I would volunteer through UBELONG again but on a program in a different location as I think they put more energy into other programs globally but not so much Morocco.

By: Julia
Nationality: United States
Age: 21

Volunteering in Cusco

I decided to take a break from teaching in America to experience school in another part of the world. UBelong was the perfect resource to make this possible! They set us up with a beautiful, friendly, and helpful hostel right in the city just a short walk to my project (a local school). My mentors were easily accessible and checked in frequently, making this a smooth transition. If you are considering a change of pace in your current life to see another part of the world, I would highly recommend going through UBelong!

By: Payton
Nationality: USA
Age: 22

Amazing experience in Merida!

I highly recommend volunteering through Ubelong. Once you find the right location and project that fit your interests you can't go wrong.

By: Stephanie
Nationality: USA
Age: 24

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