Twin Work & Volunteer

We offer life-changing internships and volunteering experiences throughout the world. 

We specialise in meaningful work and volunteering opportunities to people who want to make a difference and boost their CV. We make these experiences possible through solid partnerships with highly reputable local providers.


We Offer Three Types of Experiences:

  • Volunteering on projects in developing countries
  • Internships in professional environments around the world
  • Seasonal paid working holidays in developed economies
  • Apprenticeships in professional environments in the UK


Who Travels with Us?

All kinds of people. Many of our travellers are “Gap Year” students: people who have places at college or university and want to take a year out before starting their studies. During this year, they want to experience something different, and sometimes, aware that on a world scale they are comparatively fortunate, they are motivated to give something back, or to participate in a community or conservation project. Others want to gain work experience, and are attracted by internships or seasonal work.


Why Book a Programme with Twin Work & Volunteer?

We don't like to toot our own horn, but we're really good at what we do. There are a number of reasons why Twin has proved particularly popular with travellers, volunteers and interns, and we thought it's worth mentioning exactly why we're able to help so many people find the experience they are looking for. We've listed the 7 key points about our service.


Our 7 Key Points...

1. Responsible matching
We make sure our programmes fit the participant and vice versa.

2. Hand-picked partners
We only work with partners that respect and understand our Responsible Travel Policy.

3. Unique content
We write and produce all our own content - text, photos and videos - almost always from direct experience.

4. Staff travel programme
All our staff travel to our key destinations to visit partners and projects, ensuring an expert level of knowledge throughout the team.

5. Pre-departure briefings
As in integral part of our service, we brief all our travellers and their parents or friends at a monthly event before they depart.

6. Learning environment
Tourism, travel and development are tricky subjects. We don't know all the answers, but we're always learning.

7. Value before volume
We're about finding great experiences for great people, and supplying great projects with hard-working participants, not about anonymous numbers.


The Twin Work & Volunteer Team

Our team is highly knowledgeable and experienced. Each member of the team is a skilled professional, bringing specific knowledge to Twin Work & Volunteer. Between us, we have visited almost 70 countries and worked in 20 different industries. There is very little about travel or working abroad that we can't help you with.

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Twin Work & Volunteer Reviews

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