Tshega Christian Mission

Tshega Christian Mission

TCM is a non-profit organization established in 2004. Under a tree a commitment was born to transform lives, bring hope and to love a community in crises.

That commitment has now moved over to trust as year after year TCM kept keeping the promise to educate, empower and transform. Thousands of lives have been impacted by the sacrifice and obedience of people who saw a need and wanted to make a change. We are driven by a desire to transform the community surrounding us, for the better and we are  committed.

Our programs are designed to give the greatest benefit to our communities in terms of economic and welfare gains and skills transfer.  

We offer one base with a diversity of programs and when you choose to volunteer with us, you know that you are guaranteed a legitimate and valuable program, with diversity for every taste as well as a strong support system. 

We offer something for everyone!

You will be actively involved in The Lighthouse Academy Primary School,  Lamb’s Haven Kindergarten,  TCM Orphaned and Vulnerable children`s program, Feeding scheme and Homework club,  Basadi - Women`s skills development program and an Agri program.

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Tshega Christian Mission Reviews


It’s a life changing experience, I learned a lot from everyone involving the project. The kids are amazing, the love I received from them was more than expected. I’m really grateful for all the people I met and the lessons learned.

By: Maria
Nationality: Mexican
Age: 19

Loved it!

The time at Tshega was just incredible! Everyone’s so welcoming and warm-hearted. If you want to do something good in your life you should go there to meet these wonderful people. I enjoyed it very much and so will you!

By: Gina Eberhardt
Nationality: German
Age: 18

Best time

I experienced definetly one of the best times in my life at tshega with a lot of personal growth.

By: Sarah
Nationality: Switzerland
Age: 20


Love being here, having to ring the bell at the end of your volunteering is definitely the hardest part!

By: Kobie van Jaarsveld
Nationality: South Africa
Age: 33

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