Gibbon Encounter, Mae Sot, Thailand

Company : Tru Experience Travel
Duration: 1 week to 1 Year+
Approx Costs: 500 to 2500 £ Pound (UK)

Focusing on the care of Gibbons who have been injured, ill-treated or abused, the centre aims to provide a safe and comfortable environment for them. 

As they are unable to return to the wild, the animals will spend the rest of their lives at the centre. Therefore, the quality of life that they have is paramount to the project. To compensate for them being unable to return to the wild the Gibbons are trained to interact with humans, providing them with the socialising experiences that they need to be content. 

As a participant, your main role would be active in ensuring the Gibbons are safe, comfortable and live in a clean environment. You would also have the pleasure of interacting with them. Somewhere between a sanctuary and a jungle, the centre provides the Gibbons with large, spacious cages with interconnecting tunnels. This allows for them to be safe while enjoying as much freedom of movement as possible. Being agile creatures, they are able to jump between trees that are up to 15 metres apart!

Although the centre, surrounded by luscious nature, focuses on the care of Gibbons, other animals won’t be turned away so you may be lucky enough to encounter other species during your stay.


Costs / Benefits

What's included
- 24/7 support in case of emergencies
- Accommodation
- Airport Pick up
- English speaking coordinator
- Meals
- Orientation

What's not included
- Airport drop off
- Flights
- Travel insurance
- Vaccination
- Visa

Booking / Enquiry

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