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Trek Tracks is a tight Kiwi team whose management has worked both running and managing tours in the United States and Latin America before returning home to NZ to set up Trek Tracks NZ ltd six years ago.

We applied our experience with big but high quality companies overseas and used innovative ideas picked up along our travels to design and run a great series of trips in New Zealand

* BREAK THE MOULD: Don’t go with the crowd on those huge coaches where nobody knows you name. Feel counted. Feel welcomed. Feel informed.

* MAXIMISE YOUR TOUR EXPERIENCE: Our itineraries have been defined and improved over the years and we now have what we would consider the ideal combination of time, activities, sights and choice on our itineraries. Our full length tour does not try to loop you right around the entire country to be able to get back to the same starting point. That just creates some huge days in the bus with nothing to see or do with wasted time and money. Our tours maximize your time in NZ with an excellent number of multi day stays so you don´t feel rushed. Now does that not sound more like what you want? Jump aboard and let us be your guiding hand.

* OUR GUIDES: We have highly experienced guides that live and breathe what they do. The tour will only be as good as the guide. We strive for the best experience possible through knowledge, experience and good advice to all. Your guide is your travelling companion who is there for you.

* FLEXIBILITY: We often make slight changes in our itineraries in order to take in a special event or activity that the group wants to do. Try that with the big companies! We are constantly evolving and are tailoring trips to our clients needs and preferences.

* EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS: Try new things and feel new emotions. We never push anyone to do anything but we are right there with suggestions and support. You will return home with a fresh outlook on life.

* VALUE FOR MONEY: There are some high priced options out there but why pay it? This is an economical but balanced way to see the country without wasting money on other non essential things. Save your bucks for what you really want to do on tour.

* INCLUDED ACTIVITIES: We have some big ticket items included on tour including two overnight boat cruises with lodging and meals (Grand Island Explorer). Both are fantastic highlights and totally different as well as are fully included in the tour price. We have many other included activities and entrances on tour.

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