Trek-Fit is a provider of endurance based training advice and instruction for people seeking to begin, improve, or maximise their walking abilities in order to enjoy all that Britain has to offer...

... from its diversified landscapes; be it gentle walks, long distance trails, or challenge events for charity or simply personal fulfilment.

The same principles can be extended to equip the more adventurous with the skills to give them confidence to tackle their dream challenge, from trekking in Nepal to undertaking the ‘3 Peaks’ in the UK-we can help you to ‘Stride towards your horizons’.

Based in the midlands at Halfpenny Green Vineyard, near the village of Wombourne, Trek-Fit is ideally based to allow easy access to our training protocols without the need to travel long distances to achieve comprehensive training and advice.

Run by Jim Day Trek-Fit operates on the basis of small group sizes to retain intimacy of instruction, greater participation, and flexibility in accommodating individual variables.

Walking is the most natural of human activities, it is what evolution has equipped us for; to walk long distances in search of food and prey. We are endurance ‘animals’ and by using and developing that ability we become more efficient ‘fat burning machines’, going the distance with less subsistence- so get your boots on- ‘use it so you don’t loose it’ .

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