Tree of Life for Animals

The Tree of Life for Animals (T.O.L.F.A) is a grassroots organization in India set up to improve the abject suffering seen in stray animals residing on every street.

By reducing numbers, through sterilization, providing rescue and veterinary care to those that are ailing and vaccination to prevent disease, the lives of these animals can be dramatically improved.

By extending the hand of kindness, we hope to be able to show people, both local and visiting that animals are a vital part of our environment that should be valued, protected and cared for.

Our Mission Statement

Following a step by step approach, to foster kindness and compassion towards our fellow sentient beings through education of all aspects of animal welfare.

To provide rescue, treatment, care and rehabilitation to animals suffering from injury, disease, maltreatment or ill use and to help try and eradicate those diseases such as Rabies that can be transmitted between animals and humans.

To empower and enrich the lives of local people particularly in impoverished rural areas by helping them to achieve and secure a sustainable future.

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