INDIA: Worthwhile and Challenging Teaching in Schools in Stunning Southern India

Company : Travellers Worldwide
Activities: Community Volunteer Projects / Orphanage Work
Location : Madurai, Tamil Nadu
Duration: 2 weeks to 3 months
Approx Costs: 1000 to 2000 £ Pound (UK)

Do you love children and want to make a real difference to their lives? Then teaching English, Music, Drama or other subjects to children in Madurai, is the perfect project for you.

Teach English or IT and combine with Art and Crafts, Drama, French, German, Maths and Sport. This is a completely flexible project; we place you in the most suitable school depending on your specifications and interests. You can choose the age range, what subject you would like to combine with English or IT and ultimately what you want to gain from the project!


Our teaching projects are based in either primary or secondary schools in Madurai, mainly ‘Matriculation’ schools where it is compulsory that all lessons are taught in English. You will be introduced to the Principal on your first day who will discuss your teaching programme with you and will try to incorporate your own interests and specialities into your teaching schedule. All the children will be waiting to meet you with wide smiles! Our schools in Madurai are desperate for your help and are overwhelmingly appreciative and grateful to all volunteers. Not only will you be giving invaluable teaching and education to the school, your involvement with the children will bring immense satisfaction and enjoyment!


You will assist a teacher for the first week and once you gain confidence and feel comfortable in the classroom, you will be able to become involved in lesson planning and take different classes. We provide you with a Teaching Guide and suggestions on inexpensive resources to take with you. Children are always fascinated with volunteers and want to learn as much as possible about you. They love to hear stories about you and where you are from so it is ideal to take pictures, maps, magazine articles and even photos of your family and friends with you. You can also use these as excellent resources for a lesson to promote discussion and interest.

You don't need any qualifications to participate on a teaching project but a great way to become more confident in the classroom is to take part in a weekend TEFL course! Not only will this help you with how to go about lesson planning, it will also give you an introduction about teaching abroad as well as ways to get the children inspired and eager to learn! You will be reminded of fantastic children’s games, tips on how to remember everyone’s names as well as an opportunity to look through all the latest teaching books. Even if you have had experience in a classroom before, it’s always reassuring to take part in one of our courses to help you prepare for teaching overseas.

Please keep in mind that school holidays can change unexpectedly with very little notice given. Although at times this can be quite inconvenient, most of our volunteers use the opportunity to travel around and explore the country.

First Term Vacation: 1st to 5th October
Pooja Holiday: 8th to 9th October
Diwali Holiday: 25th to 28th October
Winter Holiday: 21st December to 3rd January
Second Term Vacation: 24th December to 1st January
Pongal Holiday: 13th to 15th January
Summer Vacation: 1st April to 1st June

During the summer holidays many of the schools offer “Summer Camps” to the students. Teaching of conversational English during this holiday to is available to approximately 60 to 80 students who attend the camp. These camps normally take place on the school grounds and are an opportunity to give more informal lessons and they can be combined with playing sports or putting together a play. Therefore the camps are much more relaxed and not quite so structured. Teaching is not available during the other holiday periods, so please take the above dates into account when planning your placement. On the other hand if a holiday falls during your proposed placement, you could use this time to do any independent travelling and sightseeing.

If you have some know-how, some initiative and lots of enthusiasm, you can also get involved with teaching Drama, and Arts & Crafts lessons. Teaching arts subjects is an excellent way of engaging children’s imaginations and encourages them to communicate with few constraints. What’s more, it is very satisfying to watch their confidence grow as they learn and develop new skills. At some of our schools in our other destinations, volunteers and pupils together have produced plays and concerts, and performances have been put on in the evenings for parents, students and visitors. Because the schools are poor, the volunteers and children have had to be very creative in putting together costumes and sets, but all productions have been a resounding success!

Volunteers have found that producing short plays written by the children that address local social issues has been a successful means in educating the children on issues such as AIDS awareness, cultural relationships, peer pressures and bullying. It gives the children an informal forum and a means of sharing their concerns and learning to deal with issues. You can combine one or all of these subjects with teaching conversational English. You may also have the opportunity to teach sport for an hour each day at one of our larger schools. The sports on offer are badminton, volleyball and throw ball. Please state your interest at the time of booking and we will try our best to accommodate you.


All of our schools are set in and around the small town of Madurai - some of them in incredibly scenic areas.


For a complete Indian experience we arrange for you to stay with one of wonderful host families. All of our hosts are very welcoming and you will be made to feel part of the family. You will also gain a great insight into Indian culture and customs. You may share a room with one other volunteer and you will have an en-suite western style bathroom. All of our host family houses are close together and just a minute walk away from internet cafes, banks and snack shops and just a short auto ride into the centre of town.


Your food will be prepared for you, but there may be occasional days when you'll need to prepare your own meals (on the cook's day off, for example). Food is a mixture of Western and local meals and includes fruit, fruit juice, etc. You'll also have access to the kitchen if you want to make snacks or drinks.


If you’d like more information about this or any of our projects, please email or call us! If you’d like to apply for this project, please go to our website and complete the application form. As soon as we receive it, we’ll liaise with you and then start making your travel adventure happen.


"I am gaining immeasurable amounts of experience over a whole spectrum of issues and primarily, excellent experience of teaching which will aid my PGCE application. I feel that I am gaining experience of another culture first hand, experience of life and learning a lot about myself too.

The placement in India has challenged me in so many ways. I have a much deeper sense of gratitude for my life at home now. It is very unique to live in another country for a protracted period and embrace a different way of life. After all, you don't learn about a country just through a textbook!

The best thing about the about the placement is the children, their enthusiasm and energy has been delightful. I would most definitely recommend this placement. I abhor clichés but this really is an experience of a lifetime, miss at your peril!"
Catherine Williams

Start Dates

Flexible start and finish dates you choose, but subject to school terms. Our placements are flexible and can be tailored to match your preferences. For availability please contact the office.

Costs / Benefits

Costs vary depending on length of placement, but starts at £995 for two weeks. You can participate for up to three months or longer, subject to visa requirements.
Included is full support from the moment of booking and throughout your placement to your return home. There are support staff 24/7 in all our destinations worldwide and a 24 hour emergency international telephone line direct to the Head Office. All meals are provided, unless otherwise stated. Accommodation is provided (whether a rented house, a hotel/hostel, home stay, apartment or flat).
You’ll be met at the nearest airport on your arrival by our in-country manager who will take you to your accommodation and give you a full induction into the area. He/she will also be on call 24/7 and you’ll see them frequently.
You'll also receive a free T-shirt.
Pre-departure you’ll receive comprehensive information about every aspect of your placement and necessary preparations, ranging from what to pack, to visa information, to what to do on your weekend travel in the country. Your safety, well being and happiness throughout your placement are our primary concerns and we will keep in touch with you throughout. International flights not included.


No qualifications or previous experience are necessary, just a good dose of enthusiasm! Everyone is welcome on a Travellers programme, whether gap year, undergraduate, on a career break - or even retired! From 17 years old upwards, and all nationalities. This placement would suit anyone who wants to make a real difference, wants first-hand experience of a different culture and has initiative.

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