ARGENTINA: Valuable Radio Journalism Work Experience Placement In Buenos Aires!

Company : Travellers Worldwide
Location : Buenos Aires, Argentina
Duration: 3 months to 3 months
Approx Costs: 3000+ to 3000+ £ Pound (UK)

Gain excellent Radio Journalism experience on a programme that focusses on political current affairs, economics, news and everyday events in Argentina.


The radio programme that you'll work on is on air daily between 09:00 to 11:00. The programme takes a political focus, with an analysis of financial market trends, political current affairs in Argentina, Economics (Local and International) and a review of everyday events and news. The show often features telephone interviews with guest speakers.

"My Spanish is improving vastly and I am also gaining valuable work experience in the field of journalism, which will undoubtedly help me to find a job after university." Sarah Holmes


  • An exciting, never-to-be-forgotten adventure into Latin America.
  • New skills, more confidence, a greater understanding of a different culture, invaluable personal and professional development.
  • An entry on your CV or résumé that will put you head and shoulders above most others in the job market
  • And best of all ... an unforgettable experience!

On your placement you will act as an assistant to the producer which will require you to have a high standard of Spanish. You will make calls for the producer, look up news of the past, and research certain topics that will be discussed on the show. All of your work will be conducted in Spanish. You will gain a real insight into the running of a radio production along with a general understanding about current affairs issues in Argentina. You will assist the producer with international news research, and, depending on your level of Spanish may be required to make telephone calls to various local newspapers, etc.

My Spanish is improving vastly and I am also gaining valuable work experience in the field of journalism, which will undoubtedly help me to find a job after university. I have made some great friends, giving me an even greater insight into the Argentine culture, which I love! Working with Argentina's most famous journalist and enjoying all the perks like being sent free ice cream is pretty cool!

Going out on air was also a highlight, as was being asked to be an extra for an Argentine TV programme! Its all good, it's so hard to choose one thing as the best! I would recommend this placement to everyone else!! It takes someone who's willing to commit themselves and be pro-active about their involvement. I put in 100% and that' what I'm getting back. You have to be able to use your initiative too to know what is expected of you from day to day. Being personable helps obviously because every day you're coming into contact with different people. And it almost goes without saying that you need to have a keen interest in current affairs and politics.

My Typical Day:

Generally I don't have to arrive at the radio station until 4 in the afternoon, although this varies according to what's going on in the news etc. The show is on air from 5 - 8 so I get home again about half 8. I'm expected to arrive prepared so it means doing some work before I go in. Again the amount I have to do varies from day to day depending on current world affairs but generally I spend a couple of hours reading the international English speaking newspapers and finding articles of interest then writing reports and doing translations related to them.

When I arrive the first thing to do is have some mate (a local drink) and chat to everyone! Then I write up whatever I've prepared ready for the approval of the head of the production team. Sometimes they use it and sometimes not but its all good practice anyway. Sometimes they will have things they need me to do when I arrive so I get on with that too. Whilst the show is actually on air, my job is to answer phones if everyone else is busy and generally run errands and, of course, serve mate! Sometimes it gets pretty frantic with guests coming in and everything but its all fun!

And that's a typical day for me! The good thing is that its really flexible so if I want to go in earlier or leave at a different time I can. Sometimes I work 3 days a week and sometimes 4 or even the whole week. It just depends on what's going on and that's what I like about it. There's no chance to be bored! I'm loving this placement so much! There have been lots of opportunities to go to really cool things with people from work, like tango shows and asados and awards ceremonies and I'm learning loads as I go! Thanks very much!

Start Dates

All year round - you choose your start and finish dates! Our placements are flexible and can be tailored to match your preferences. For availability please contact the office.

Costs / Benefits

Costs vary depending on length of placement, but starts at £3,095 for twelve weeks. You can participate for up to one year, subject to visa requirements.

Included is full support from the moment of booking and throughout your placement to your return home. There are support staff 24/7 in all our destinations worldwide and a 24 hour emergency international telephone line direct to the Head Office. Food is included, excluding lunch. Accommodation is provided (whether a rented house, a hotel/hostel, homestay, apartment or flat).

You’ll be met at the nearest airport on your arrival by our in-country manager who will take you to your accommodation and give you a full induction into the area. He/she will also be on call 24/7 and you’ll see them frequently.

Pre-departure you’ll receive comprehensive information about every aspect of your placement and necessary preparations, ranging from what to pack, to visa information, to what to do on your weekend travel in the country. Your safety, well being and happiness throughout your placement are our primary concerns and we will keep in touch with you throughout. International flights not included.


A reasonably high standard of Spanish is required but no qualifications or previous experience are necessary, just a good dose of enthusiasm! Everyone is welcome on a Travellers programme, whether gap year, undergraduate, on a career break - or even retired! From 17 years old upwards, and all nationalities. This placement would suit anyone who wants to make a real difference, wants first-hand experience of a different culture and has initiative.

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