Time and Space Equine Educational Sanctuary

We are an equine sanctuary in Atajate, Spain, focusing on the educational and preventative aspects of raising awareness, to improve the lives of horses both local and further afield.

You can get involved with three different projects involving natural horsemanship in our volunteer and working student program, or building in our paddock enrichment program. We have one space for a mother's help to come and join our animal loving family.

We aim to set an example using our own herd and show how horses can be kept naturally under the typical modern day restraints of time, space, money, cultural differences etc. We have spent the past 6 years working with a free roaming herd in the mountians and have taken what we've learnt from observing horses in their natural environment and herd structure to educate and enlighten.

The local area is rife for poor horse care, including horses confined to dirty stables 24/7, hobbled by the feet and ridden in the harsh serraton bridle, which often draws blood and causes scaring. We currently have 11 horses, who lost their free-roaming home and need your help to get this project off the ground.


Program 1 – Natural Horse care

Durations are flexible and do not require a fee, but we do require that you cover your costs including food and accommodation. We can help locate this in the village which is a pretty 15 minute walk away from the horses, starting from 15€ per night. If you are in a position to make a donation it will be gratefully received and put to good use helping the project move faster. Take advantage of free riding or another aspect of horsemanship or care.

We have positions available for enthusiastic individuals who would like to join our team and focus on one particular area or take responsibility of various tasks from admin to helping us exercise our ridden team (subject to basic requirements). As well as being ridden, the horses enjoy playing on the ground, in-hand walking, grooming and all other aspects of good horsemanship. Come to get some experience and spend time with these wonderful creatures, fulfilling an important role in our sanctuary whilst immersing yourself in the beautiful countryside of Andalusia. 

Training sessions can be added at a discounted rate or see our Working Student for a more intensive learning program or it is possible to mix the two programs.


Program 2 – Working Student

Fees from 30€ per day with discounts after six weeks. Includes food, accommodation, training and learning sessions. Includes working alongside our horses plus five learning sessions or trail rides.

Get really involved with the sanctuary working with and alongside the horses whilst widening your knowledge, experiences and improving various areas from horsemanship to gardening. This is an intensive program which guarantees new skills, self-development and lifelong memories. Explore natural horsemanship and life around the sanctuary.

The program is a mixture of working around home and farm, typically five hours a day, five days a week or equivalent, PLUS five learning sessions which can be any combination of the following to suit the individual:

  • Horsemanship, including riding, groundwork and working with youngsters
  • Hoof-care, theory and practical maintenance trimming
  • Practical language, English and/or Spanish
  • Practical cooking, vegetarian and/or traditional
  • Practical gardening, natural and sustainable


Program 3 – Horse Paddock Enrichment

There is no fee for this project, but we do ask that you do cover your own expenses. We can find food and accommodation in the village from 15€ per night. If you are able to make a donation it would be greatly appreciated and help this project move faster by providing materials. This project offers insight into innovative paddock designs inspired by the free-roaming herd.

It is important that we have your help to progress this project as fast as possible for the horses' welfare. They need fencing, shade and grazing whilst incorporating elements to promote movement and stimulation which is essential for physical and mental health.

By creating different surfaces for the horses to move over, placing food and water at opposite ends of the land with obstacles and rocks between, he must move promoting stimulation for a naturally barefoot horse which walks 15 to 30km in the wild with healthy hooves.

By building fenced seeded areas, the horses can stretch their necks in to nibble at a variety of plants recreating the natural slow forage along with slow feeders to promote a more natural rate of eating, keeping them entertained for longer.

To make life easier for the humans, we need to build shade, equipment rooms and a camp-site with outdoor kitchen.


Program 4 – Natural Continuum Childcare

You will need to cover your own expenses. We can find food and accommodation in the village from 15€ per night. We would be happy to exchange horse riding or any of the elements of our Working Student Program with the right applicant and the possibility of wonderful experiences here in Andalusia.

Join our English-Spanish family who are busy creating an Equine Educational Sanctuary. We are animal loving and our family also consists of pigs, horses, dogs and a cat. Most of our work we do together, but certain areas are challenging with a baby both physically and time-wise, which is why we are offering this opportunity of this type of mother's help. Our daughter was born in May 2015, and we bring her up naturally, in line with her continuum as far as possible in this modern society. If you are not familiar with this form of parenting, you can easily google Continuum Concept for more information, and we can discuss it more via email 

We are looking for someone who would like to gain experience in looking after a baby naturally whilst still following their own healthy pursuits; influencing through good example and working alongside nature.

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