The Youth Alert project

The Youth Alert project recognises the potential of children and youth in emergency prevention and response planning.

Working with young people aged from 8 to 24, together we are exploring ways to involve them in reducing the risks associated with different hazards and disasters that might affect their community.

Employment Opportunities

We have a relaxed non-hierarchical work environment with flexible hours. We work as a team and pay particular attention to the personal and professional development of all the members of our team. We require dedication and a fair degree of perfectionism to fit in with the rest of the team. A sense of humour, and an optimistic outlook on life together with the ability to cope with long hours and some stress are also essential.

Remuneration is competitive for a non-profit organisation. Time-off in lieu of over-time.

If you are interested send your resume (curriculum vitae) to

Volunteer Opportunities

View opportunities on our blog and at

We have experience working as volunteers ourselves and in working with volunteers of various kinds. For those of you interested in volunteering, please remember that you will be working with a skilled group of people with many years of experience. If you don’t speak Thai, then to support you we have to place you with people who speak English or arrange our work to support you. Competent, bilingual staff are worth their weight in gold and always have considerable responsibilities themselves as well as working alongside volunteers. Working with volunteers is time-consuming, uses our resources and requires adaptation on our part as well as yours. While we are happy to work with volunteers, and believe strongly in the role of volunteering in the development of civil society, we reserve the right to say no to proposals to work with volunteers.

If you are travelling in Thailand and interested in contributing to community development, or if you are seeking work experience through a longer term position with a non-profit in Thailand, the Fah Diow Foundation can coordinate volunteer opportunities as follows:

As and when needs are identified we can provide short- and long-term opportunities to take part in environmental conservation, education and training activities according to needs identified by the communities we work with or by our own organisation.

Unless your skills meet a specific need and opportunity in terms of existing funding we cannot provide financial support to volunteers.

We ask that all volunteers interested in longer-term opportunities for work experience with Fah Diow consider fund-raising as part of your long-term planning and contact us well in advance to discuss how you might be involved in our work.

If you are interested in volunteering and can cover your own costs, please contact with details of your interests, skills and availability.

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