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The Tarzan Way

The Tarzan Way is a travel company based in New Delhi, India with the vision to showcase the Indian culture to travelers and to simplify travel.

We aim to develop leadership among travelers through travel related programs, and build experiences for everyone with no gender, disability or any other bars.

The Volunteer in India programs set up by The Tarzan Way have been prepared specially for international travelers who want to spend their vacations doing something different and meaningful.

Our programs involve travelling to various cities across India and working in various non-government organizations, schools, and societies.


Why The Tarzan Way?

The Tarzan Way is one of the few travel companies in India promoting experiential travel programs which are focused on providing immersive cultural travel experiences.

Over the past 2 years, we have hosted more than 300+ international students in our volunteer homes and provided them will travel experiences.

Being an Indian travel company, we are able to provide our projects at much more reasonable rates as compared to other international companies active in India. We are also able to provide a more hands on experience with our core team locally available.


How Will Our Projects Benefit You?

  • Our projects have been specially curated for international volunteers, to ensure that they have a meaningful experience with us.
  • Traveling to a different country is a very humbling experience, during which the person learns a lot about different cultures, beliefs, problems that people face and so much more. These projects will help the volunteer develop a new mindset and thought process about how he/she perceives the world around them.
  • Understanding the shoestring budget that a volunteer might have, our projects have really low costs with necessities such as accommodation, meals etc included.
  • Traveling to a country like India is a once in a lifetime opportunity and most people get this opportunity only once.
  • The volunteers get certificates for the volunteering work that they perform during their program. They are also offered various short internship opportunities while traveling such as photography, writing and so on which not only helps them embrace their hobbies but also helps them earn work experience and cash.
  • The projects are in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations, which help the volunteers become aware of the issues around the world, help them realize their roles and become more responsible citizens.


Volunteer Support:

  • Pre-Departure Support - A TTW Experience Captain gets in touch with the volunteer before they travel to India helping them their VISA, flight tickets, packing, travel budget, safety tips etc. A discussion also takes places about their volunteer work and how the volunteer can prepare before they travel to make the most of their experience.
  • Airport Pickup and Orientation - A TTW Experience Captain picks up the volunteer at the airport from where they are taken to their accommodation. An orientation of the volunteer takes place during which they are informed about basic information such as safety guidelines, near by market places, local transportation, food, currency exchange etc. Support for SIM Cards are also provided on the first day itself.
  • Workplace Orientation - The volunteer is introduced to the workplace and their coordinator for their volunteer work. An introduction to their job role and schedule is also given.
  • Excursions - Various tours and excursions are planned during the project to ensure that the volunteer gets to explore the Indian culture.
  • Travel Support - Understanding that different volunteers might have different travel needs, we help our volunteer plan any tour or excursion he or she might need.
  • Safety - Volunteers who join our programs can rest easy knowing that they are in safe hands. All volunteers are provided with safety guidelines before they come to India and also on arrival. Support team from The Tarzan Way is always a call/text way in case of emergency. Apart from this contact information of local agencies is provided such as Police, Ambulance, Fire Fighters etc.


Costs / Pay

• USD 80 per week
• USD 150 for 2 weeks
• USD 300 for 4 weeks
• USD 400 for 6 weeks

Contact / Enquiry

The Tarzan Way Reviews

Volunteer experience

This experience was my first time for me in India and the first time volunteering. It was a great and amazing experience, I stayed for a month.

During my time in Rishikesh, I spent time with children (teaching, playing) and with animals (take care of them, feeding, cleaning). I worked with a wonderful team, since the beginning until the end, all the staff is available if you need anything. You can also leave for an excursion during the end to discover the country. Accommodations are really comfortable and the meals are delicious. You will also live with other volunteers from all over the world. It was for me the best experience I have ever lived.

I really advise you to come to discover this magical place.

Nationality: USA
Age: 35

Amazing Time in India

The TTW program in Delhi was just amazing! The staff was really helpful and sweet! The orientation was very interesting and informative. I really ended up using the tips and guidelines they told me about there. I made so many friends from all over the world. My only regret is that I could only come for a week and I was almost in tears when I left India because I had to say bye to my amazing host, new friends and the sweet little angels I was teaching in the school. I’m happy I choseTTW and India for my travel abroad. I will definitely come back to them again very very soon.

By: zephaniah
Nationality: american
Age: 27

I loved my experience of volunteering with The Tarzan Way

I am not much of a traveller but I for the first time travelled to so many different cities in a new country with so many new people. This experience really changed me as a person and I would like to travel more now. Travelling really open a persons horizon and changes the way the person perceives the world around him. Volunteering with The Tarzan Way is a perfect opportunity for a person like me to out of her shell.

By: Salma Abouelseoud
Nationality: Egypt
Age: 18

Summer in India

I travelled to India on the summer social project with The Tarzan Way and it was an amazing experience. I made so many new friends from different countries, got to engage with different cultures and I travelled to so many amazing places. I definitely recommend The Tarzan Way.

By: Christina Beita
Nationality: Australian
Age: 22

My volunteer experience in India

I travelled to 2017 summers and joined The Tarzan Way in their summer volunteering project. I was surprised by the way they took care of all the participants. They ensured neat and tidy accommodation, making sure everyone had a comfortable stay. The social work was fun and got to interact with a lot of people as well. This was one of my most memorable travel experiences ever and I will always cherish these moments. India is a very beautiful country to travel to. <3

By: Barbara Costa
Nationality: Brasilian
Age: 23

Amazing Team

The Tarzan Way has a great team who are dedicated to give each and every participant an amazing experience and some memories to cherish for the rest of their life.

By: Aryen Negi
Nationality: India
Age: 20

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