The Sri Mayapur Vikas Sangha

The Sri Mayapur Vikas Sangha is a secular, non-government development organization operating in the area of Sri Mayapur, Nadia District, West Bengal, India since 1998.

To support UN Millennium Development Goal Campaign ( ), we need the following volunteers:

1) English Teaching Volunteers for Our Primary School (up to Class V Standard).
2) Sports Volunteers for Our School.
3) Computer Teaching and Website Designing Volunteers for Our School.
4) Video Documentation Volunteers.
5) School Health Care Volunteers.
6) Fundraising Volunteers for Our School.
7) Fundraising Volunteers for Our Other Socio-economic Development Projects.
8) Tourist Volunteers.
9) Global Exchange Volunteers (School to School, Students to Students and teachers to teachers).


To steer the region’s evolution towards new prosperity, while maintaining the natural and cultural heritage of Sri Mayapur region of Nadia District, West Bengal.


To educate, organize and empower the rural poor women & children of Sri Mayapur region to achieve responsible well-being based on sustainable livelihoods, social equity, social justice, economic growth and self-reliance through community participation and initiatives.


* Holistic sustainable development addresses the whole person or community and includes all aspects of well-being - physical, mental, social and cultural.

* People should be in the center of their own development.
* SMVS sees its role as a partner and facilitator, a special resource to build the capacity of local people and communities to achieve well-being.

* The goal of development should be attaining "responsible well-being" for everyone.

* To be responsible means that our well-being must be based on sustainability and equity. It is irresponsible to take from the well- being of future generations, in order to enjoy our own well-being of today. And to be equitable so that the poor, weak and vulnerable should become the first priority.

* Development should be based on deep humane values:

-- Recognizing the basic rights of all to certain minimum basic needs and the duty of civil society to strive to ensure the fulfillment of these needs.

-- Honoring and caring for our natural environment.

-- Respect for the innate equality of all, regardless of gender, caste, creed, race or nationality.

-- Promoting self-reliance, simplicity, strong local community and strong family units.

* Without a strong foundation of social values, sustainable development is always at risk.


* Holistic people-centered Sustainable development.
* Inter-connected programs around the needs and resources of the people they serve.


* Health
* Education
* Livelihoods
* Community Building

SMVS initiatives incorporate several traditional sectors of development within several programmes:

* Health
* Education
* Livelihoods
* Community Building

All projects addresses:

* Gender related issues
* Environmental concerns


* 3 Blocks( Nabadwip, Krishnagar-I & II).
* 6 Gram Panchayats ( MB-I&II, Majdiha-Pansila, Swarupganj, Belpukur, Ruipukur).
* 35 villages.
* Over 60 Thousand population.

Sri Mayapur is a Rural Settlement in the Nabadwip Block of Nadia district, about 105 kilometers north of Kolkata.

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