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The Otesha Project is a youth led charitable organization that mobilizes and equips Canadians to create local and global change through individual and collective choices.

Our vision is to see sustainable consumption and lifestyle choices enter the mainstream of Canadian culture.

The project is founded on the idea that every individual has the power to make choices that affect that world. The idea that step by step, choice by choice, we can build a more sustainable future by building community, making conscious lifestyle choices and reducing consumption.

The Otesha Project's education programs use theatre, experiential activities, and storytelling to engage a wide range of audiences. To date, we have reached more than 100,000 audience members across Canadaand trained over 300 sustainability advocates. We address our vision through the following major programs:

Cycling and Performing Tours

One to four month-long cycling adventures of groups of volunteers living as a sustainable community and delivering a play on environmental and social justice issues to schools and other community groups.

Keynotes and Workshops

One to three hour workshops and keynote presentations which touch on issues of consumption in Canada and the choices that individuals can make to make a more a more positive impact on the planet and other people.

From Junk to Funk!: The Otesha Book

A colourful and quirky book that chronicles the stories of six different people as they recognize the connection they have to different consumer products and the impact their purchases make on the world around them. Offering tips and solutions, this book focuses on six key issues: water, food, transportation, media, clothing and coffee.

Hopeful High School Hooligans

Groups of high school students that learn the Otesha play to perform in their own communities and take on different projects to address environmental impacts at their schools and neighbourhoods.

Otesha’s programs focus on re-evaluating our daily choices to reflect the kind of future we'd like to see - rethinking what we really need, conserving resources, and voting with our dollars.

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