The Metta Experiment

The Metta Experiment is a Dharma eco-community based on Buddhist Philosophy and Eastern Thought with a strong Thai influence our main emphasis is on the Buddhist teaching of "Middle Way" meaning not to be extreme left or right.

The purpose of the Metta Experiment is caring for the environment which is a natural part of the Buddhist path. The Buddha encouraged us to understand more deeply the underlying unity and interconnectedness of life. Values such as simplicity of lifestyle, sharing with others, taking responsibility for one’s actions, and compassion for all living things have always been at the heart of the tradition.

The Metta Experiment is an experiment in community living from a dharmic prospective with attention to natural living i.e. self sufficiency, permaculture, organic farming, natural building, sufficiency economy and preservation of nature and wildlife. The project is run and supported by professors from Chiang Mai University Division of Philosophy and Religion.

The Metta Experiment was developed to be a place where students from Chiang Mai University and people from all over the world could learn and practice these things together in a nonacademic setting. From a Buddhist point of view, bringing about outward change is only the beginning ecological awareness is an opening of the heart to all life, and a warm appreciation of the natural beauty we see around us. Through this project, workshops and other events, we hope to find within ourselves the strength and inspiration to bring about change in the world.

The Metta Experiment is a nonprofit, not for profit, education center supported by the international classes hosted at the project site and contributions from the people staying at the Metta Experiment.

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