Tanzania: Care Intern + Teaching + Safari

Company : The Leap Overseas
Location : Africa
Duration: 6 weeks to 3 weeks
Approx Costs: 1750 to 2500 £ Pound (UK)

Combine working with disabled children in care homes in Arusha, the safari capital of Tanzania, with teaching in schools at the Indian Ocean Coast.

Arusha:  Care Intern Phase
Spend 6 weeks working in care homes in Arusha the safari capital of the world before heading to the coast to add a further (and optional BTW) 4 weeks of volunteering in conservation and community projects based at in Dar Es Salaam - think crystal clear Indian Ocean, palm trees, tropical fish and yummy food…

We can’t emphasise enough the difference you can make to others by becoming a carer. There are huge numbers of vulnerable adults and children who are orphaned or neglected, in need of love, care and affection. Through the simple act of showing an interest and positive interaction you can make a big impact on other’s lives by improve their self-confidence and giving them some relief from the daily grind of their lives.

You don't need any specific qualifications or previous experience. The only qualities needed are empathy, compassion for others and a desire to improve the lives of those with domestic or physical circumstances less fortunate than our own. Whilst the environments, children and adults can be challenging and coping with the social depravation should not be underestimated, for those that rise to the challenge you will be rewarded with extremely fulfilling memories and the knowledge that you have made a positive difference.  You will undoubtedly find the strength, humour and resilience of the children uplifting - inspiring you to keep hard at it.

We work with several organisations – orphanages, drop in centres for street children, disabled homes for you too choose from. 

For example:
Dymphna Care Home/Special School
This is a special school/centre for children with intellectual impairment such as autism and down syndrome. It has 3 completed classes and 1 class which is still under construction. It also has a kitchen, an office and 2 completed toilets with 3 uncompleted toilets and a bathroom. There is also a play ground with 6 swings and a slide on a shadowed garden.

The centre is located about 7 Kilometres from the home base in Arusha along the Arusha Nairobi highway. The centre was established in 2002 as an initiative of Ms. Mary Kaswende who has a background with special needs students.

Typical Tasks:
Help with the daily running of the orphanage/care home, helping to feed, wash and dress children.
Help teach the kids basic hygiene especially about brushing their teeth!
Help teach basic English, reading and writing to improve social skills and brighten their lives through music, sport, games, arts and crafts.
Help prepare meals or take them on little outings. Helping kids with reading, homework  - quite often they do go to school.

A Typical Day:
Monday – Friday.  8.00 start to help get the children up and running. You would usually stop for a lunch break and finish around 3.00 pm.

The Coast:  Volunteering Phase
We highly recommend you stay on for another 4 weeks to get stuck into this contrasting phase of community and conservation projects based at Dar es Salaam on the stunning Indian Ocean coast.

Conservation Projects:  Work with the Roots and Shoots club, a project set up by the famous British conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall. Assist groups of local volunteers to organise the planting of mangroves along the beaches, helping to prevent soil erosion.  Whilst working with Roots and Shoots you'll work along side students from schools around Dar es Salaam and help with their environmental education.

Community Projects:  Work at the Makumbusho Heritage Village in Dar es Salaam and learn about the tribes of Tanzania. This village is located about five Kilometres from the City Centre. Work with the craftsmen, take part in traditional dances, help with the general upkeep of the village museum and assist with the restoration of traditional houses and other tribal artefacts.

Time out
Arusha - Safari’s to Arusha National Park, Tarangire, Manyara, Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater.

The Coast - Tours around the city and nearby historical and cultural sites. Hang out on beautiful beaches along the Dar es Salaam coast or the adjacent Kigamboni.

Zanzibar Island - The Zanzibar Archipelago is a collection of paradise islands just of the coast of Tanzania, which hold a legendary allure over travellers. A melting pot of African, Indian and Arabic influences, Zanzibar’s pretty whitewashed capital Stone Town (birthplace of Freddy Mercury!) was a major trading port for Spices and it’s night markets still offer incredible culinary delights.



  • £1947 (6 weeks) / £3048 (10 weeks)


What is Included

  • Three Meals a Day
  • Accommodation For Duration of Program
  • Placement in a Team
  • Safety & Induction Course on Arrival
  • 24/7 Emergency Backup
  • In-Country Project Leader
  • Airport & Project Transport


Start Dates

Jan, April, July and September of 6 or 10 weeks.

Costs / Benefits

Full board and accommodation, 24/7 back up and support, pre-departure training course and much more...


18-27 years of age.

Booking / Enquiry

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