The Koala Hospital

The Koala Hospital established in 1973 consists of a treatment room, 8 Intensive Care Units, 6 outdoor intensive care units and 33 rehabilitation yards in Port Macquarie NSW.

The Koala Hospital is an activity of the Koala Preservation Society Australia Incorporated (not-for-profit) and recognised world-wide as a peak body which participates in forums for debate on significant policy issues and plays a significant leadership role in research, providing advice and information to Universities and Governments regulating change.



The international volunteer program is for volunteers living outside Australia. This program is very popular. People participate in this program for one calendar month.

Volunteering involves direct participation at the Koala Hospital including some of the functions and activities concerning the care and welfare of Koalas; Volunteering is open only to members aged 17 to 85. Members under 14 or over 85 years of age are not eligible to volunteer.

The Overseas Volunteer Program offers international guests the opportunity to volunteer for 4 weeks.

Duties include working with our local volunteers in animal husbandry work, cleaning koala enclosures, changing leaf, supplementary feeding and observing medical treatments of koalas. There is also the possibility of accompanying a trained koala rescuer. Other activities you can help with are in the areas of tree planting and maintenance.

While there are volunteers waiting to work directly with the koalas we have other areas of our work that also need volunteers. All of our volunteers enable the Koala Hospital to carry out its important work with the koalas at risk. Join with a fantastic group of people by becoming a Volunteer.



Koala Care
Volunteers cannot nurse the koalas but are still able to work closely with them in the yards, ICU or during treatment.

Computer Data Input, Secretarial, Grant Submissions, website information

Walk & Talk Guides for 3pm Feeding & Tours

Tree Planting, Seed Raising, Leaf Gathering, Habitat Loss submissions to Council.

Repairs and Maintenance to Koala Hospital buildings, yards and fences.

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