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Karikuy is an organization that helps travelers in planning their visit to Peru. Whether they are interested in Tourism, Adventure Sports, Trekking or Voluntourism, Karikuy helps plan make the most out of your visit to Peru.

Karikuy is looking for volunteers who wish to spend some time in Peru doing field work and exploring the country to gather information for Project Perupedia. Our volunteer program includes free room and board and an affordable $50 a week meal plan. You will be expected to work Monday through Friday on the project and other Karikuy related material. On the weekends you are free to travel throughout Peru visiting locations such as Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines. In addition volunteers will receive discounted rates on Karikuy tours and services.

Volunteering Information for 2010:

Price: $50 a week.

-Room and Board
-Meal plan Included, Monday through Saturday
-Monday through Friday work week
-Free wireless Internet and Utilities
(3 - 4 day weekends can be set up for excursions)
-8 hours of work (10am to 8pm lax hours with meal breaks)
-Discounted tours for weekend travel
-Holidays off
-Stress free environment


Once accepted into the program volunteer choose how long they wish to volunteer (subject to availibility).

-Minimum stay is two weeks.
-Maximum is 6 months or the entire duration of the program.

Stays over two months require letters of reference and recommendation.

Work Expected:

-Information gathering
-Essay writing
-Web site layout
-Photo editing
-Video editing (not part of job requirement)
-Minor Maintenance (mostly personal cleaning, painting, etc.)


- Positive Attitude
- Social Skills
- Writing Experience
- Effective Team Member
- Knowledge of simple HTML and data entry
- Must own Personal Laptop
- Own Photo Camera
- Goal Oriented
- Information gathering and note taking skills
- Neat and presentable
- Adventurous

Apply online @

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