Carnivore Conservation and Research

Company : The Great Projects
Activities: Adventure Holidays / Activity Holidays / Career Break / Animal Volunteer Projects / Tours / Conservation Volunteer Projects / Wildlife Tours
Country: Namibia
Location : Namibia
Duration: 2 weeks to 4 weeks
Approx Costs: 750 to 1250 £ Pound (UK)

Assist the team with data collection of Big Cats to help with research on cheetah and leopard conservation in the stunning Namibian Desert.

With over one third of the world's cheetah population, Namibia is at the centre of the species' struggle for survival. It is estimated that 95% of cheetah numbers in Namibia live outside of protected areas of conservation, meaning that they are readily killed by farmers who view them as a threat to livestock. Because of this, cheetah numbers are falling, resulting in their endangerment.

The programme includes both conservation work at the Neuras Release Site and the Nambia Wildlife Sanctuary and Farm.

This project provides the unique opportunity of experiencing the power and majesty of the continent's most magnificent big cats first hand, and to actively work towards the conservation of the species.



Day 1

After arriving into Windhoek Airport you will be met at arrivals and transferred to the wildlife sanctuary which takes approximately 45 minutes. Upon arrival you will spend the afternoon and evening settling in and meeting your fellow volunteers as well as the facilitators.

Day 2-5

For these days you will get stuck into the project work at the Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary. This is chance to work hands on with the animals and get involved in activities such as caracal walks, carnivore feeds and looking after the resident baboons.

Day 6

After your time at the sanctuary, today you will transfer to the carnivore research site at Neuras. This transfer is about 4.5 hour’s drive from the sanctuary and as you arrive you will see the breath-taking environment in which Neuras is located before having dinner and getting some rest before your time here really begins.

Day 7-12

For the next 6 days you will be based at Neuras and will be getting involved in some of the pivotal conservation work going on here. With a focus on carnivore data collection you will take part in tracking drives, using telemetry to find the carnivores, including leopards and cheetahs, and some incredible hikes among many more amazing activities.

Day 13

Today is your last day at Neuras so after breakfast you will be transferred back to the sanctuary where you will spend the evening with all of the other volunteers and share stories

Day 14

This will be your last full day on the project where you will have the opportunity to once again get involved with the different activities at the sanctuary.

Day 15

After an activity filled time on the project today you will transfer back to Windhoek airport for your return flight, or to commence your independent travel plans.


Project Activities

On this project you will get the chance to take part in a wide variety of exciting activities. Below are examples of some of those included in this project.

Carnivore Monitoring – Research Site

Go out in search of cheetahs. Based on the movements of the carnivores, the specific monitoring needs and prevailing weather conditions, a decision will be made as to which cheetahs will be tracked during the day. This is majorly important for wider cheetah conservation initiatives.

Game Counts – Research Site

Volunteers will regularly take part in game-counts along different transect routes in the study areas, numbers, age, sex and group compositions of local mammals are recorded.

Camera Traps – Research Site

Volunteers help to set camera-traps, which are checked to record the activities of the area’s carnivores.

Hiking and Exploring – Research Site

There is the option to enjoy a lot of hiking and exploring in the area, learning about the native flora and fauna.

Animal Feeding - Wildlife Sanctuary

Volunteers are able to experience regular carnivore-feeds with lions, leopards, semi-tame and wild cheetahs, and even with rare African wild dogs. Volunteers are responsible for preparing the food for and feeding all of the animals each day.

Animal Time - Wildlife Sanctuary

Volunteers get to spend part of each day playing with and looking after some of the animals on the farm. These interactions include taking a walk with the gorgeous caracals spending one on one time with the semi-tame cheetahs and meeting the resident pack of African Wild Dogs.

Project Work - Wildlife Sanctuary

The growing Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary needs constant repair and building work. Volunteers may be required to help with these tasks which include: Constructing new enclosures as animals arrive, Border fence patrols and de-bushing to remove invasive alien plant species.

Baboon Care - Wildlife Sanctuary

Volunteers are encouraged to help look after the resident baby baboons - this will almost definitely include taking a walk across the beautiful veldt with the baby and junior baboons.

Start Dates

Every Friday.

Costs / Benefits

Prices from £845

What's included in the price of the project?
• A contribution to the project itself including funding for items such as building materials, food, animal medications, tracking equipment etc
• Transfers to and from the airport
• Transfers to and from Neuras
• Full orientation and support from the project managers for the duration of your project
• Accommodation, three meals per day and tea and coffee

What's not included?
• Any flights
• Travel insurance to include cover for repatriation
• Visas
• Use of internet and telephone
•Soft and alcoholic beverages
• Any extra activities not within the itinerary


The work required during this project is not overly-exerting, but it is advised that all participants be fit enough to walk between 10 and 15 kilometres on a daily basis, through rough terrain and in high temperatures. Furthermore, no specific skills are required to work on this project. However, all volunteers should be willing to work hard and function well in a group.

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