The Financial Services Volunteer Corps (FSVC)

Builds strong financial systems that enable developing and emerging market countries to realize economic opportunities and their citizens to achieve a better quality of life.

FSVC is a not-for-profit, private-public partnership that carries out its mission by recruiting leading financial, legal and regulatory experts. These volunteers provide state-of-the-art technical assistance to our in-country partners and build personal bridges across international boarders. FSVC?s targeted, results-driven missions help develop central bank capabilities, strengthen commercial banking systems and build capital markets.

When financial systems are safe and secure, transparent and free of corruption, well-regulated and able to manage risk, businesses can grow and create jobs and citizens can reach their economic potential.

Since FSVC?s inception, approximately 8,000 volunteers have carried out more than 1,400 missions, reaching almost 30,000 participants in nearly 50 countries.

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