Terra Sylvestris

We are a not for profit non governmental organization registered and based in Greece.

We are composed of a dedicated group of people driven by our desire to protect the environment through specific courses of action such as environmental conservation projects and scientific research targeted towards sustainable development. 

The core of our plhilosophy is rewilding. We believe this is important  because  the natural world is declining and as environmental conservation is gaining increasing ground, we should dare to take it one step further and accept the increasingly popular opinion that the world needs more wild areas more wild animals more natural ecosystems with large animals that are essential to ecosystem function.

In this we never forget that sustainable development is a major driving force to achieve this objective in many areas through sustainable ecosystem management. The right science is lacking though and sometimes our goal will be to fill the gaps in knowledge prior to any action or take temporary action until this is so.

We want to make effective change in our region first but we do not forget that we live on spaceship earth and as a group that wants to change the world and we also need to often collaborate with people and groups outside our geographical borders to achieve our objectives both within but also outside the geographical area of focus of a given action.

People are the main driving force for sustainable development but we believe that all sustainable development ultimately has an ecological basis. We respect the rights of people who want to live as they have always done so and try to find solutions in cases where biodiversity or other environmental conservation issues of both local and global importance exist.

We are open to communication and potential collaborations with anyone in the world.

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