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Teran Foundation is based in North Mozambique in Guesthouse Sunset Boulevard. We are looking for more volunteers to help assist several community projects. There is something for everyone here and whatever the project or task, it really makes a difference.

The Teran Foundation was set up by best selling author Lisa St Aubin de Teran. She published over 19 books. In 2003 she visited Mozambique as a tourist and became aware of the severe poverty, she decided she want to make a difference.

She set up the College of Tourism in Cabaceira Grande where locals got teached and get jobs into tourism and other projects, all grass root driven, starting small and eventually growing organically. The College has moved to Sunset Boulevard now. Surrounded by palmtrees and beautiful white beaches and opposite 1000 year old Mozambique island.

130 volunteers joined over the last few years and we are always looking for new volunteers. Some stay two weeks some stay one year.

We need willing hands to help guide our local staff and students and we need specialized volunteers e.g. in tourism, healthcare, nursery teaching, market gardening, micro finance, teaching English, basic maths, Portuguese, I.T., book-keeping, carpentry etc.

Minimum volunteering is for 2 weeks, maximum stay is for 2 years.

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Teran Foundation Reviews

A nightmarish volonteering experience

I went volonteering at the Teran Foundation in August 2016 . I was supposed to stay there two months and decided to leave after 10 days . None of the projects I saw on the website of the foundation seemed to exist once on the spot ( no training or college of tourism, no educational courses or other soap production with the local women or community garden or anything else ) basically it was just Mees Lisa and her daughter wandering around the site, treating the staff like back in the age of colonialism, STAFF, composed by locals that are sometimes not paid for weeks . The hotel is closed, no room is ready if a tourist comes up, they even erased the name of the hotel from the roof ... Where does the donor money goes ? not to all the great projects they talk about on their website, plus it happened to Mees and Lisa to ask money from volonteers when they couldn't pay for food or to remunerate their staff (and don't refund them). Don't go there and don't donate for that foundation because it is a fraud. The locals have lost faith in those people long ago .

By: marie
Nationality: French
Age: 23

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