If you would like to travel and teach English abroad you can take a TEFL course in the UK with TEFL TIME.

English teachers are in demand all around the world and you can travel abroad and get paid to teach. To teach in a lot of countries you will need a TEFL course and TEFL Time can help get you TEFL certified. In the UK you can study and learn how to teach English abroad, TEFL Time offer a range of flexible courses to suit your schedule and you will be taught by experienced tuitors.

If you would like to live abroad and get paid to teach then a qualification with TEFL Time is highly recommended. Taking a TEFL course is a great investment and can help you gain teaching employment and provide you with the knowledge and skills to teach English overseas. TEFL Time offer two courses, one if a part time course which can be completed in 20 hours whilst the other is a distance learning certification course which is 80 hours long.

Taking a TEFL course with TEFL Time will give you lots of ideas and practical skills about how best to teach English as a foreign language. After taking a TEFL course with TEFL Time you will be able to apply for jobs in countries around the world, popular destinations include Japan, Korea, Thailand, Argentina, Peru, Czech Republic and the Middle East. 


TEFL Courses in the UK

TEFL Time provides quality TEFL training to people from all walks of life. We have extensive experience of teaching English abroad in over 21 countries.


Part 1: Weekend course

  • This course lasts two days and is held in locations throughout England. It is the first step to a career in TEFL.
  • Gain an approved Certificate and an insight into the world of TEFL – in just one weekend!
  • The weekend course is aimed at providing candidates with essential teaching skills, confidence and practical knowledge in the classroom. Even in countries where you ‘just need a degree’ to teach English, you’ll find the knowledge and techniques taught on this course invaluable once you start teaching.
  • Throughout the world employers will show a strong preference for those with Teaching Practice experience – which starts here!

Topics covered include:

  • What makes a good teacher
  • What makes a good student
  • Classroom management
  • Methodology of language teaching
  • Introduction to describing language
  • Correction, assessment and marking
  • Teaching the ‘four skills’, (reading, writing, speaking, listening)
  • Effective lesson planning
  • Practice at giving lessons
  • Use of resources
  • Next steps

The course is intensive and ‘hands on’. You will take away many ideas and activities that you can use in your teaching. It lasts from 9.0am to 9.0pm on Saturday and 9.0am to 5.0pm on Sunday, giving a total of 20 hours tuition and practice. The weekend is informative, useful and great fun. It is also very intensive!

There is no formal assessment and you cannot fail. You will however get the opportunity to do two short practice lessons to other students on the course. The tutor will give written feedback and advice afterwards. Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate.The weekend is informative, useful and great fun. It is also very tiring! You will be able to discuss issues with your tutor during the weekend.

Upon arrival at the course you will be welcomed and given a course pack. This consists of a Course workbook written by TEFL Time and a useful Weekend Course Materials textbook to help you start. There will be a display of other useful books at the venue, and our tutors are also happy to advise you on other publications which can help you - and most importantly, impart their own extensive practical experience on to you!

TEFL ‘weekend’ courses are well known throughout the world. Many countries will offer employment to holders of this qualification. Some countries may also require a university degree. (A degree is sometimes a requirement for a working visa).

Part 2. Distance Learning Course

This is the follow up course to our weekend course. Many people feel they would like to extend their weekend qualification. The course consolidates and extends the topics covered on the weekend. It also looks at additional areas of TEFL not covered in the weekend course.

Distance learning course materialsThe course takes up to 80 hours to complete and with the weekend course leads to the ‘100 hour TEFL Certificate’. This qualification is again known worldwide, and will give you an even better grounding in teaching EFL. It will also give you an extra advantage when applying for work. Throughout the course you will have the services and advice of a tutor. The course materials include a copy of How to Teach English (book and DVD) by Jeremy Harmer, worth over £26. Plus two books written by TeflTime especially for the course.

There are two assessed assignments to complete during the course. These will be posted or emailed to your tutor who will give feedback and grade them either very good, good or pass. Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate and letter of reference. The only prerequisite for this course is that candidates have previously completed the weekend course. We normally ask that you start this course within six months of completing the weekend course as this ensures continuity of learning. If this is not possible, however, please contact us for further advice.

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