TEFL in Bohemia

Bohemia TEFL offer an exclusive optional 2 or 4 week TEFL course, where you can judge your own progress and be flexible with your time. Get certified to teach English abroad in 2 weeks!

Brand new course structure, offered only by Bohemia TEFL!

Our motivation is in offering a realistic view on teaching: our course is designed to help with real-world solutions to real-world problems.

From our experience, both in teaching and learning TEFL, we know that most traditional courses have an idealistic view on the ESL world.

In designing this TEFL course, we’ve decided to break away from that tradition and teach you what you NEED to know.

Naturally, that includes all the elements you find in other courses, but our approach is pragmatic and practical, not idealistic and theoretical.

You deserve to complete a TEFL course that gives you what you need, not just what the course providers think might be useful.

All our teachers are practicing TEFL teachers, as well as teaching you how to teach. This means they have real experience, right now, of how current TEFL teaching works and what current students and employers require.

In addition to the normal curriculum, we focus on teaching specific real-world situations that native English speaker teachers will experience.

This includes working with upper-intermediate to advanced students, individual conversation lessons and having demanding business clients. Most schools expect you to pick this up yourself, but since we know that these are likely early experiences for you, we help you prepare.

Bohemia TEFL are proud to be offering a new type of course, only available in South Bohemia. The course is brand new, and we will be offering this course for the first time in May: with our two times 2-week course, we offer you the flexibility to become a TEFL teacher in a way that suits you.

We have a specially designed course which starts with a 2-week (65 taught hours) period where you will cover all the essential syllabus, and will be able to start applying for TEFL jobs worldwide.

For those who wish to complete a full 4-week (130 taught hours) course, we offer an add-on module that continues directly after the first two weeks. Essentially, it’s a matter of individual experience and confidence.

Not everyone is comfortable with just two weeks of tuition, but for those who are ready can complete our TEFL course in very short time. Those who wish to build their confidence and learn more about special teaching methods can continue for the full four week course.

Limited places!

Because we actually believe that teaching smaller classes is a good thing, we only accept 10 students per course - if you have a better learning experience, we have happier students and more positive feedback - everyone’s a winner!

Special offer!

For the first course in May, we are offering a 20% discount to celebrate: this offer is only available for a limited time! To qualify, you need to book the 4-week TEFL course NOW! Any bookings that come in after 15th of April will NOT qualify for the 20% discount!

What to do?

1 Go to our application form and fill in your details - this MUST be done before the end of 15th of April to qualify for the 20% discount
2 Once verified, you will be asked to pay the €200 deposit to secure your place
3 Decide whether you want to take the full 4-week course or the intensive 2-week course

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