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a non-profit, non-denominational, christian organisation.

The mission of our organisation is to rehabilitate, educate and reintegrate into society streetchildren with drug addiction in northern Honduras. Many of these children leave homes where extrem poverty, neglect and abuse is the norm. The large majority of these children turn to drugs as a way to evade the harsh realitys of living on the streets. Pronino was created in 1999 to adress this growing problem.

Why volunteer with street children?
You may be thinking, Do I really have anything to offer street children? Well, that depends on you. It depends on how much you want to give and how much you want to share. Maybe soon you will be able to say, I brought a child off the streets and to the center, I supported him through the hard times, and he stayed and I watched him grow, and we gave him his future.. I made one child who was frightened and abused, trust in me, laugh with me, and believe in himself. You won't be paid, nor stay in a luxury hotel, but your experiences will be your treasure. Those street children the dirty, drugged, beggars and thieves will soon be Fernando, Jose and Martin. Your kids, and your heart will break when one of them heads back to the streets, but you?ll be right there behind him encouraging him, and if he returns and you watch his future change before your eyes; all your efforts will be worth it.

Why volunteer with Proniño?
Want to make a real impact, in a fast growing truly grassroots organization, with minimum bureaucracy and maximum return to the community? Proniño could be just what you have been looking for. Several volunteers have made a huge impact to this organization, and many continue to support the project long after their volunteer service in Honduras has ended.

What is Proniño?
Proniño (For the Children) is a charitable organization working to save the street children of Northern Honduras. We are the only organization of its kind in El Progreso, the countrys fourth largest city. We strive to rescue children from a life of violence, abuse and addiction, giving children as young as 4 years old the chance of a new future. Without our work these children are left on the streets, spending day and night starving, stealing and slowly becoming addicted to glue. Proniño provides a two-stage program of care, rehabilitation and education: Las Flores is a temporary home and rehabilitation - detoxification center and La Montaña provides a long term home, educational and vocational center.

Who are we looking for?
We seek enthusiastic, dynamic volunteers aged 21 and above, with a strong commitment to our cause, and a real desire to help improve the lives of our children. Applicants should be responsible and willing to work independently, also have flexiblity in the assignment by the organization. Honduras is a Spanish speaking country. Our children and the vast majority of the Proniño team speak only Spanish. An intermediate level of spoken Spanish is necessary in order to be able to work productively. There is a constant need for a wide variety of professional personnel. Please contact us to discuss how your skills and experience can be used to maximum benefit for our project.

Why we need YOU?
Proniño was founded through the work of volunteers, George and Betty Mealer, and exists solely through the support of donor organizations and private individuals. Proniño exists and thrives because volunteers like you share your time, effort and skills to change lives. As such, Proniño carries a strong belief in the power of the volunteer. Proniño volunteers often become an essential part of our organization, filling vital roles, thus freeing more resources to improve the lives of our children. What our children lack more than anything is respect, support, attention and affection. Handing out hugs, being a figure of trust and respect, sharing laughter and joy is something we can all be experts at; and this helps change lives.

What can I do?

Be an educator at Las Flores...
Las Flores provides a temporary home and a program of rehabilitation for children coming in off the streets. The program consists of a wide variety of workshops including arts and crafts, sports, directed play, some agriculture, drama and music. Activities, and expectations of behavior, change as the program progresses becoming gradually more structured. The aim of Las Flores is to achieve cessation of the self-destructive behaviors learned in the streets, encourage self-belief and prepare children for their future education and life as a productive and valued member of society.

Work at La Montaña...
La Montaña offers a child a permanent loving home with formal and vocational education. Some volunteers working within the center will be those with experience, or proficiency in the trades the children will learn: soldering and metal work, masonry, carpentry, electricity, mechanics, and tailoring. Volunteers may also help teach computer skills and English and/or work as teaching assistants.

Specific projects and volunteers with professions...
Candidates with specific skills - carpenters, psychologists, computer experts (the list is potentially endless) - are invited to apply to utilize their skills and experience for maximum benefit.

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